What day is it? Where are we? Who are all these kids in our house? We are slowly emerging from the fog (that’s a lie, we are still very much in a fog), and since we last left you, the Twinschitls are 4 months older and a Little Schitl has joined the madness! Check out our new blog banner, courtesy of Auntie Katie!

Out of fairness to the ladies, since this WAS their blog to begin with, we won’t let Little Schitl steal their thunder until later on in this post. So what have N & B been up to? We’re going to be super efficient and give you the last 4 months in pictures. =)

We have continued to bring the girls out into the GDP (great dirty public) on the regular. It’s been pretty liberating for mom and dad, and has given the girls a chance to show us their creative genius on occasion.


Yes, she built this herself.

IMG_8019 IMG_5420 IMG_8027






Daddy’s school carnival

We’ve learned that along with age comes responsibility.


It’s hard juggling 2, isn’t it Bryn?


When mom’s super preggo, gotta help out a little more.


Mom can barely put her own socks on–she definitely can’t get yours on.


Nora walking the aisles very responsibly…since mom’s not exactly going to chase her down.


Bryn helping (?) mom shop


And yes…we have trained the girls to work the diaper pail! Score! They’ve only had to learn the hard way a FEW times that toys that get thrown in the poop pail don’t get to come out.

We’ve tried to give them more responsibility in the kitchen, but all we get is microwaved silverware, sauteed ice cream, and baked grapes.

IMG_6275 IMG_6277

The girls got their first hard-soled shoes (yeah, we waited a long time on that one).


Here’s why:

The girls’ personalities continue to blossom. Even though we’re a few days from their 2nd birthdays, they decided months ago they were going to start “practicing” being two.


We kind of treat tantrums like seizures around here. Just move dangerous objects out of the way, loosen any tight clothing, and make sure they don’t swallow their tongues.



With reminders to “use their words” we can usually get the screamfests turned down a notch.


Nora: “MORE” Bryn: “PLEASE”

Here’s a little Nora, tellin’ it like it is:

Telling a bedtime story:

And both girls getting a workout in:

We’re really hoping to someday have a little Hans and Franz on our hands.

You may or may not remember that just under 2 years ago, Nora and Bryn were getting weekly eye exams in the NICU because they both had ROP (retinopathy of prematurity). Luckily, both left the hospital with their eye issues resolved, but with orders to follow up in a year. So back we went, and both checked out great!


Good thing she already knows the alphabet, huh?


Getting eyes dilated=super cool shades


Before school was out (and before mom popped), the girls visited mom at work! Her students took their job of showing Nora and Bryn the first grade ropes very seriously.

IMG_5753 IMG_5746

It was shortly after this that BW3 decided he couldn’t wait for school to be out to make his arrival. At 37 weeks, B-dubs got sick of mama’s uterus (the feeling was mutual) and 3 days before school was out, he started his funny business. I had some pretty labor-ish-feeling contractions that morning, but thought maybe I could get a little more work done (ha!) if I went to school maybe for just a half day. Nick thought this was a bad idea, but I decided to try my luck and we both headed to work. My coworkers were also appalled at my decision, and pretty much threw me out of the building and told me to go have a friggin’ baby. An hour later we were both driving to the hospital, ready to find out of BW3 had a penis or a vagina! That was the morning of June 3rd. Little B-dubs didn’t finally agree to the uterus eviction until June 4th though (and I may remind him of this on June 3rd every year for the rest of his life). Oops–spoiler alert! “His!” Yep, BW3 did indeed have a penis. =)

Nick would not let this blog post go to press without making sure I told everyone that he caught the baby.  He says “delivered.” I say “caught.” Lest we paint an unclear picture of exactly what went down in that 24 hours.

But seriously, Nick was a stellar labor coach and an excellent wide receiver. Thanks to him, Brecken Hilarius Windschitl did not hit the floor during his big entrance. Nick also wants everyone who has not caught a baby to know that babies are really slippery, and not just anyone can catch a baby. It takes skill.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.



Happy hour while I’m in labor (Doc’s orders: “Go walk around for a couple hours.”)









Your baby is here!

IMG_8675 IMG_8701

It was super weird to have a baby and then take it right home from the hospital 2 days later. Kind of felt like we were stealing a baby.


IMG_8682 IMG_8694 IMG_8685 IMG_8687


Honeymoon’s over. =)


Nora & Bryn have been very helpful at home.


Yep, this still works.


Bryn getting ready to smother Brecken with a pillow


Mom, there’s only 1 baby in there. Don’t worry. I fixed it.

And oh yeah–we had to buy a minivan. It was a sad, sad day.


Holy shit. We have 3 kids and a minivan.



The rest of the summer has been flying by and Nick and I can’t believe how lucky we are to both be home all summer with our family of 5 (OMG…family of 5).


IMG_8781 IMG_8764 IMG_8806 IMG_8848 IMG_8850 IMG_8941 IMG_8963 IMG_8960 IMG_8977


Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Molly with Mr. B


Nice strategic placement of the water toys, ladies. Mama’s still upholding her promise to never show your vaginas on the internet!

IMG_6170 IMG_6306 IMG_6371

Minus a few minor hiccups, we couldn’t have asked for a better summer.


Dear Target, we are very sorry we are rubbing pink eye all over your cart.


Raise your hand if you’ve got pneumonia.

Thanks to everyone who has brought us meals, gifts, visits…we can’t believe your awesomeness continues after multiple babies. Almost makes us want to have another one! (Almost).