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This almost seems like old news now, but mandatory that we document it here for little Miss Bryn.

A few weeks ago, both girls came down with a cold. Nora started off the fun with a few days’ worth of fevers and crusty boogs. Bryn followed shortly after and a visit to the ped revealed double cases of RSV. Now if you recall, a year ago, our trusty home health nurse, Nurse Mike, was still coming for weekly weigh-ins for the girls, and every month was giving each of them a $1,500 shot to help prevent them from getting RSV. Yep–that’s right. It was so important that they didn’t get RSV, that our insurance forked over roughly $15,000 in preventative injections last year. This RSV season, however, insurance decided to play a little RSV roulette with n + b and denied coverage since they’re not tiny preemies anymore and didn’t have any other complicating lung or heart conditions. Well, joke’s on you, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Have fun with that hospital bill you’ll be getting from Children’s!

Yep, little Bryn landed back at her alma mater with her RSV. =( After a couple really lethargic days,

Photo Jan 11, 5 19 42 PM

her breathing became a little too rapid for our liking, and our ped sent us to the ER. We thought we’d get some oxygen, fluids, and maybe a couple nebs and be on our way, but 4 days later we were still residents at Chateau Children’s. Get ready for some sad, sad pics, folks–most pitiful little face you’ll ever see.

Photo Jan 12, 10 09 32 AM

Waiting in the ER

Photo Jan 12, 2 21 33 PM

The hospital was so full of flu and RSV, we couldn’t get admitted for almost 8 hours. Long day in the ER!

Little comparison shot: now vs 17 months ago.

Photo Jan 12, 6 51 01 PMSept 4, 2012 (5)

Photo Jan 13, 2 26 49 PM

Photo Jan 14, 1 23 47 PM

After a couple days of fluids, saline nebs and deep suctioning (not fun–mom and dad always left the room for this), little mouse started to get some of her spunk back. Photo Jan 13, 11 09 49 AM Photo Jan 13, 10 41 13 AM IMG_7109


“Whatcha doin, Dad? Making sub plans again?” Yes, Bryn, we are… for the 4th. Day. Straight.

Photo Jan 14, 6 15 58 PM

Let’s blow this popsicle stand

Photo Jan 15, 10 56 03 AM

I could make it a lot farther without this O2 monitor.

Photo Jan 15, 10 58 09 AM

Photo Jan 16, 8 49 09 AMPhoto Jan 16, 8 48 59 AM

Finally, on Day 5 (which, for the record seemed longer than the 98 days we were at Children’s the first time!), we got sprung! While waiting to be discharged, Nurse Margo saw the crazy in my eyes and gave us the green light (ok it might have been more of a wink and then turning a blind eye) to sneak out on a wagon ride around the hospital. We were both giddy with excitement. Photo Jan 16, 10 18 04 AM Photo Jan 16, 10 15 39 AM

We couldn’t really go back into the NICU to visit our old stomping grounds, so we headed over to the new Mother Baby Center, where all my old antepartum nurses were now conveniently located right in Children’s Hospital! It was so crazy to introduce Bryn to them “on the outside,” since they all spent 5 weeks chasing spastic n + b around my giant belly 2 times a day with fetal monitors.IMG_1201

Lana, Kristy and the gang just all happened to be working that day–jackpot! Bryn turned on the charm and immediately gave them an unsolicited round of applause. Atta girl. Photo Jan 16, 10 34 13 AMMeanwhile, everyone was curious how things were going on the home front–did Nora miss Bryn? Was she sulking around without her other half? Oh hells no. Girlfriend was living it up–happiest she’d ever been. She had full attention from the nanny during the day, and whichever one of us was home with her at night, and grandma and grandpa W even came up for a couple days to dote on her (and help take care of mom and dad!). We’d facetime her into the hospital, hoping that she’d give Bryn some screen kisses or SOMETHING, but she was usually too busy playing with Bryn’s stuff to care about seeing her on the phone. We were sure the homecoming would be something more of a kodak moment–maybe she just needed to see Bryn in person. Mmm…not so much. She immediately toddled over to Bryn in her carseat, but the minute we unstrapped her, Nora was pretty irritated she had to start sharing her world again. Sigh.

Photo Jan 16, 1 30 24 PM

The good news is, that almost immediately upon return home, Bryn was back to her feisty little self (albeit a pound and a half lighter :/.  She even started eating and drinking again, which she kind of took a hiatus from in the hospital, and what probably kept us there an extra day (flashbacks to NICU days once again!). We didn’t even have to go home with a neb machine–woot woot!

So, thanks for the excitement, Bryn, but we’re good without another (inpatient) visit to Children’s for awhile (or forever). We love you, Children’s, but we don’t miss you…you know what we mean, right?