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Huh? What’s that?  That’s the sound of regular music in the house again and NOT Justin Bieber’s Christmas station on Pandora! Yes, the holidays are behind us.  It really was a fantastic Christmas. Sara and I flew down to Rochester with the girls in no time. No, we didn’t FLY down there; we learned our lesson with that, but we did make it there down there quickly and didn’t experience any PTSD. 🙂  Upon arrival the girls were immediately spoiled and ended up getting way too many presents that they won’t remember.

IMG_1250 IMG_1262 IMG_1270

IMG_1275 IMG_1362



This is the best family picture in front of the tree we could get

Sara and I decided to give them a few presents that we know they would enjoy; like this book shelf of books I wrapped up, which they will love pulling books off of.  


We also gave them this hole in the floor, IMG_5001

my belly button, and Sara’s dirty underwear, all of which they have become quite fond of.  In fact, if we took these said items away from them, they would immediately throw a tantrum.

It’s crazy to think about how far they have come, how their likes and dislikes, sleeping patterns, foods, etc, have changed.  All different since last year. This Christmas we once again had a lot to be thankful for.  Not only the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but a year of immense growth.   I remember last year about this time, they couldn’t hold up their heads.  Now they are walking around the house and playing tag.  Don’t get me wrong, these girls now present new challenges and yes sometimes we feel like leaving them with Jesus for a bit to take a break. Jesus is a great sitter and He comes highly recommended by God.  Parents, don’t pretend as though you don’t leave your children with Jesus whenever you take a shower, use the bathroom, make lunch or take the trash out. Yes, I probably leave them with Jesus more than most, but I also have irritable bowels, so there.  Okay that was TMI, but we all need those breaks and those breaks are the “excusable” ones, which I take advantage of when times get really tough or my stomach feels weird.

When I think about some of those times when I left them with Jesus, I feel pretty lucky that He was there.  Did I wish that He was there that time I was trapped inside of the shower? Yes, but that wouldn’t make for a good story.

It was one day when the girls were about 7 months old, and I decided that I needed to take a shower.  Sara was out grocery shopping, so I put Bryn and Nora on the floor of the bathroom with some toys while I jumped in.  Shortly after that, both of the girls climbed up the swinging glass door.


and didn’t know how to squat back down. They were trapped with no escape just as I was.  I could open the door enough to get out, which would push them backward onto their heads, or come up with a better idea.  I remember saying a quiet and naked prayer on the floor of the shower. Before I got in the shower I should have realized that this would be a problem, but new parents are dumb and I am no exception.  FYI, all logical thinking ended shortly after the girls’ birth (see last blog post where we disclose the fact that we are having another child).  Anyway, there I was naked as a… jailbird, cowboy or any other noun that you can think of.  I honestly couldn’t think of the naked cowboy and so I searched “naked.”  I am naive and thought that guy playing the guitar on the streets of NY would immediately appear.  Uhh, let me assure you that that didn’t appear. Anyway, I tried to open the door slowly, but that just made them freak out even more.  They knew that the more I pushed the door open the closer they were to going straight backward.  I stood there and tried to show them what to do.  Imagine a 35 year old man trying to teach a 7-month-old to sit down for the first time.  Yes, dumb, but what else could I do?! Yep, scream.  For the next 10-15 minutes I screamed with my children for Mom who was not there, but who I was convinced was just entering the house because I heard noises.  Sara did finally come home and rescued all three of us from our predicament, with a well-deserved “seriously?” look. Let this be a learning experience for all of you out there.

Anyway, back to Christmas. Here are some more pics from our last few weeks.


So excited to meet Santa

IMG_6898 IMG_4877IMG_1238 IMG_1242 IMG_1221IMG_4923

IMG_4945 photo (77)

IMG_6856IMG_6849IMG_6871God is good and I am so blessed that He sent his only son so that we could live through Him and experience all of the good, bad and just plain naked ugly.  I hope that you experienced God’s love during this season!

Much love!