The girls are ambulatory! Bipeds. Upright. Real humans. Ok, we know they’ve been real humans for awhile now, but walking definitely makes a baby more human, wouldn’t you agree? It’s no secret that Nick and I have never really been “baby” people (Nick is reading over my shoulder right now cringing–says he’s adding a rebuttal below). We endearingly refer to those early months as “The Blob Stage.” In the last few months we’ve really started to LIKE our girls. We can hear you gasping and grabbing your chest–I know–it sounds like we’re saying we haven’t liked them up until now. Don’t be so dramatic. Of course we’ve LOVED them since they were tiny little NICU nuggets, but we’re not afraid to say that we found it hard to “like” The Blob Stage. I think a lot of people are lying when they say they enjoyed taking care of their infants. Diapers, feeds, sleep, no sleep, lying there… call us selfish, but we like to be entertained. And lately, the girls are downright entertaining! I mean, how is this not entertaining–they’re like tiny little drunk people!

Bryn is definitely walking better than this, but we haven’t gotten any other good footage. #2ndchildproblems

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Sara, you are my perfect match, but we’re about to have our first blog fight.  I’ve gotta say that we ARE baby people.  You’re not saying much when you say that we don’t like poopy diapers or screaming babies, BUT during those first few months we did love those moments when they fell asleep in our arms.  Our favorite moments wouldn’t mean as much if they weren’t screaming their guts out 5 minutes prior to melting in our arms.  Those poopy diapers wouldn’t….. Okay I’ve got nothing for that.  That pretty much stinks..  Pun intended.  Lack of sleep, yeah that’s no good either, but when we made it past that stage we realized that we can do this!  We felt accomplished to know that we could function on just a few hours of sleep and do it well.  I LOVE feeling n’sync with you while each of us provides time for the other to take a break from the babies.  Baby, bye, bye, bye!

We didn’t drop a baby during the night or accidentally suffocate one of them because we put them in bed with us.  We are “Baby people” by default because we survived and we loved.  We LOVED so much about that stage!  That being said it’s easy to bury those memories  beneath the really horrible things like lack of sleep.  I mean, people have babies, even twins and then have another one shortly after that.  People do crazy things like this because the mind allows people to flush their memories.  This is harder for us because we have documented all of it.  Maybe we should just delete the last year?  Nope, it’s my Red Badge of Courage.

Well, kumbaya, Nick. I see the baby-nesia has gotten the best of you. And it seems like a good segway to tell everyone that it’s PROBABLY for the best, because we caught Nora reading this a few weeks ago:


Needless to say, it freaked us out a little, and long story short, here’s our Christmas card:


Now, to answer your questions:

1. No, it wasn’t (completely) an oops. We always envisioned a 3rd nugget…at some point (!)

2. Yes, it’s definitely just one this time. I damn near gave MYSELF the ultrasound to confirm.

3. No, we’re not finding out the gender. If it comes out with a penis however, it will be wearing a LOT of girl clothes.

4. Yes, we realize we will need a larger vehicle. And a larger house. And a lot more booze than we currently have in our home. But we’re in denial about the first 2 things for the time being.

5. Why yes, you can take the girls for a week sometime this summer! We’ll be setting up a sign up sheet soon.

What’s that? You have more questions? WELL JOIN THE CLUB, BECAUSE SO DO WE!

But here’s what we do know: So far this pregnancy seems fairly uneventful, and besides being on the verge of tossing my cookies daily (small potatoes in comparison to all the complications last go round!), the 800 ultrasounds and prenatal checkups I’ve had all show that nugget #3 is planning to stay put a little longer than his/her older sisters. As a precaution, I’ll have another cerclage placed (if you’d like to take a little walk down memory lane, here’s a flashback to my first experience with this lovely procedure). Here’s what else we know. Since my little stint on bed rest a year and a half ago, the PDAU (Pregnancy Doctors’ Association of the Universe…ok clearly I made that up, but only to emphasize that it’s a REALLY important/smart group of doctors) has released new research that shows that bed rest does NOTHING to prevent preterm labor. Meaning, if your baby’s gonna come early, he’s gonna come early, and if he’s gonna stay in, he’s gonna stay in. Hanging upside down by your toes will not buy you time. SO, my nightmares of being sentenced to bed rest again, but this time while Nick’s working AND having to single handedly keep 2 other small humans alive, ultimately suffering a mental/physical breakdown and leaving me, are no longer haunting me! If all goes according to plan, I will be chasing around two 21-month-olds with a giant 40-week-old baby in my belly! That sounds amazing!

Despite common belief, the above news hasn’t stopped us from doin’ our thang, keepin on keepin on, etc, etc. Here are some other recent happenings.

The girls were recently initiated into the annual “Windschitl Extended Family Christmas Gathering,” which meant cousin Cathy teaching them how to drink wine the classy way.

IMG_4816      IMG_4821

And also meant we never had to hold them the entire day thanks to all the little minion cousins!

IMG_4825     IMG_4823

At one point, we went upstairs to find n + b in the middle of what seemed to be a rainbow loom sweatshop staffed by 7-10 year olds, their arms covered in their masterpieces from wrists to shoulders. We always hoped they’d learn a useful trade early on…

The girls continue to look like they’ve killed a wild animal with their faces after most meals.

photo (78)

My 3rd cousin, Natalie, here as a high school exchange student from Norway, came and entertained the girls with some Norwegian Peekaboo. They thought their 3rd-cousin-once-removed was the coolest!

Our regular old American peekaboo is getting more and more interesting, too.

Tomorrow we head down to Rochester for immediate-family-Windschitl Christmas (it’s a Skype year for Hansen family Christmas!). We hope wherever Christmas takes you this year that you are surrounded by family, love, and only as many babies as you can handle. =)

Merry Christmas!