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Hello, it’s me again– Nick, Sara’s hunk of man love.  Yes, I know that I have taken a slight hiatus from writing, but hopefully this post can explain why.  Since going back to teaching this fall, my brain no longer works after 7:00pm, which just happens to be the time we put the girls to bed.  Oh by the way, the girls are doing great with their sleeping!  They of course decided to start sleeping through the night again on our first day back to work.  Thank you girls, for once again reminding us who is in charge here.   Anyway, since my brain no longer works after 7:00 anymore it makes it really hard to sit down and write a blog post.  Honestly if I did, it would sound something like this… I picked up toys.  That’s about as far as I could get before sleep would slap me in the face.  Today however, I feel different because I took an afternoon nap with the girls and I feel amazing.

Since I am well rested and don’t feel that I need to be sleeping before 8:30, I figured I could write about the girls a little bit.  My goodness, do I love these little animals.  It’s kind of crazy!  I of course love their mom more, but my heart lives outside of my body for these amazing girls.  These two little nuggets still control my heart.  I love making them smile, feeding them, running with them, pushing them on the swings and just playing with them.  I just love being a dad!  It’s a lot of hard work, but as any parent of non colicky children knows, it’s totally worth it.  I was a colicky child and I still think that my mom harbors some ill will towards me when she talks about my first year of life.  Her face gets all red and she starts talking out of the side of her mouth.  You know that the pain is pretty deep when you see anyone talk out of the side of their mouth.  You might want to look into getting some help for that, mom.  I can however say, that I am very grateful that my cousin Nate Windschitl was worse than me because that is the only thing that softens her attitude on the topic.  She always starts talking out of her mouth in a normal way when she says, “I guess it could have been worse.  Nate was just awful!  I just don’t know how Windy and Donna had Brady after having Nate.  That boy would just scream the entire time that we were there.  Thank you, Nate, for being worse.  Side note, Nate is one heck of a financial planner.  If you find out you’re having twins, call Nate, and he will advise you on what to do with all the extra money you’re (not) going to have.

What was I going to write about?  Oh yeah, playing with the girls.  I just love it!  Our girls have a ton of toys.  We’ve got a lot of cool shit.  Pretend iphones and iPads, things that light up, beep, bounce, roll.  We’ve got toys that do all of that at the same time.  Those toys are super annoying, but if I was a 14-month-old, I would love them.  We have a million books that I am super glad our girls are interested in, but right now they are really not interested in any of the cool, light up, beeping, bouncing, rolling toys.  No, our girls like paper, boxes, spoons, spatulas and of course anything else they shouldn’t, like plastic bags, outlets, the water in the toilet,


anything that we think is out of reach to them AND one final thing… My nipples. I feel weird talking about this, but if I’m ever laying on the floor or pick the girls up and I am shirtless, I am almost guaranteed to get one of the most painful titty twisters possible.  I mean,  can you blame them for wanting to play with these?

You wouldn’t think that little girls would be capable of such excruciating pain but they are.  I have flashbacks to the 8th grade boys locker room and guarding my nipples like a prison guard at  Alcatraz.  I don’t know if this is normal for other dads but it is for me because like I said, If I come in contact with them shirtless, both of them instinctively go straight for my nips.  You would also think that I would have learned from my previous horrors, but each time I simply think that I will be able to push their tiny hands away and outsmart a 14-month-old.  Yet I fail each time.  They are so cunning and sneaky!  They have even tag teamed me a number of times when I have been on the floor.  Nora will distract me by pulling my hair and then Bryn will pull a sneak attack on my nips.

I guess I will never know exactly why they do this, but I am hoping that this is a phase that will soon pass.  It’s cute to see them play with pots and pans, but I can’t wait for them to pay more attention to their toys AND leave my nipples the hell alone!

Much love,


Here are some of the latest pics of my nipple-crazy ladies.


Not really sure what's going on here.

Not really sure what’s going on here.






Bryn kicking ass and taking names at the indoor playground. Yeah, that’s a 2 year old she’s schooling.

We have a shoe fetish. It's slightly out of control. Especially considering we hate wearing shoes.

We have a shoe fetish. It’s slightly out of control. Especially considering we hate wearing shoes.

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