Couple exciting things N&B wanted to add that hadn’t quite materialized at last press time.

The girls are little lighter than they were yesterday–that’s right–HAIRCUTS! We strolled their little mop tops down the road a couple blocks to a neighbor who cuts hair.

On the way to the salon (aka our neighbor's front yard).

On the way to the salon (aka our neighbor’s front yard).

Having never taken a child for a haircut before, we didn’t realize how grossly unprepared we were for the experience. Poor Jess earned her keep yesterday, chasing babies around her lawn with a pair of shears and snipping locks from whichever baby was closest/stillest/not screaming.IMG_1003

Several times she ran into her own house for some of her own kids’ toys (yeah…we forgot to bring toys), snacks (duh…why didn’t we think of that), and even pulled up PBS Kids videos on her iPhone (genius) while Nick and I stood there worthless, wondering who let us become parents. Oh, and we even forgot to bring something to put the girls’ little hair snippets in (what?!) . Luckily some of our other neighbor friends had come out to witness Jess running around the yard pruning our babies like Edward Scissor Hands, and one of them took pity on us and went and grabbed us a couple ziplocs.


Scroll to minute 1:06…yep, that’s about right:

I love that you can see Bryn’s hair flying around in this one.



In MUCH bigger news, Nora and Bryn were super stoked to welcome their little cousin, Parker Roy Hansen, into the world last Friday!



photo 2

Home less than a week and they already got that baby drunk.

N & B (along with mom, dad, and a carry-on full of baby benedryl) will be taking their first flight to Tucson to meet this little cutie at Thanksgiving. “Meet” is probably a pretty tame verb to use there–it will definitely be more like “grab chunks of face flesh and squeeze really hard, then lose interest and start looking for toilet bowl cleaner in their under-sink cabinets.” You know. A true family vacation. On the upside, we’ll be helping them childproof their house long before it will actually be necessary (Merry Christmas, you two), and they’ll have 2 little Goldilocks to sleep in his pack and play, eat in his high chair, and play with baby bear’s toys. Break it all in. Now if we can just convince them to spring for the double jogging stroller now, (…in anticipation of baby Hansen #2, of course…) then we’ll be all set.

In closing, we should probably document here (since this IS N&B’s baby book), that we had our first bath tub sanitation incident tonight. Yep, that’s right–we had to go fishin’ for brown trout. Nora, Bryn–we’re not sure which one of you released it (it was actually more like a school of brown minnows), but it happened. And it was gross. And you’re both grounded.