So it’s September, which means our amazing summer adventures with the girls have come to an end. Nick and I are back to work teaching other people’s kids now, but counted our blessings each of the 68 days we got to spend with Nora and Bryn this summer. Being away from them all day now is tough, but coming home to this everyday is pretty much the best. sight. ever. IMG_5506 IMG_5570 IMG_4377 The girls got to spend our first few days back at work with both sets of grand-nannies, who followed the rules completely, and didn’t give them any refined sugar, screen time, or otherwise spoil them rotten. IMG_4326 IMG_4322 photo (80) IMG_5546 At their 12 month check up, after little painless, vaccination-filled butterflies kissed their thighs, IMG_5460the ped told us that Bryn was gaining so well we should get her on an exercise program. We went with a classic Fonda routine. IMG_5496Ok, kidding. Bryn is still truckin along at like the 3rd percentile. But the ped was thrilled with both girls’ growth. Nora was about 17lbs and Bryn was about 14, but Nora took a giant poo right after, like some kind of high school wrestler after a pre-match weigh-in, so we don’t think the gap is quite as big as the scale says. Just to keep their BMIs in check, Nick (single-handedly!) took the girls to an indoor playground one day after I went back to work.  Nora quickly established herself as the playground bully, pushing kids to the side as she crawled the wrong way up the slide. Bryn distracted all the bullied kids’ moms by crawling into their laps and doing her new signature Miss America wave, complete with elbow and wrist action, making the moms swoon and check Nick’s left hand, hoping he was some kind of single, twin-dad hero. IMG_4312Back off, ladies, This one’s all mine. IMG_5593Speaking of heroes, remember those heroes at Ronald McDonald House that fed us for 3 months while the girls were still in the NICU last summer? Well, we always said we’d be back to pay it forward when we finally made it to the other side. And here we are, a year removed from that crazy, harrowing beginning, finally getting a chance to stand on the other side of the counter and hand a meal to families that are in the same shoes we were a year ago. IMG_5554 IMG_5553Thank you RMH! We even met a couple whose 27 weeker twins were in the NICU–but they lived in ALEXANDRIA–hours away. The 15 minute drive back and forth to Children’s that we did twice a day for 98 days all of a sudden didn’t seem that bad. Wow.

Our last days of summer were spent naked in the front yard (the babes, not us). IMG_5548 IMG_5547 IMG_5549 doing WWE-style twin smackdowns IMG_5684 and going out nightly for “walking happy hours” (open containers included) with all the twins in a 2 block radius. (Yep, that’s right. There are 3 sets). photoWhen it got too hot outside and we needed an air conditioned field trip, we headed to Target to cruise around in their amazing made-for-twins carts. I swore these were mythical creatures that the moms on my Moms of Multiples club Facebook page only fantasized about. But low and behold, they finally made their way to our neighborhood Target! IMG_4353 We used to do our shopping like this IMG_4286 but that was SOO July 2013. Now we now shop big-girl style. IMG_5597This new upright position is also much more conducive to Bryn’s Miss America wave (which is also a mythical creature that disappears everytime we whip out a camera).

As they become more and more mobile, N & B continue to explore their surroundings (read: get into shit), despite our (really really horrible attempts at) childproofing. Seriously–we supervise our children–we swear. They’re just so damn fast!


We’ve also let them start snacking in the exersaucers, so finding 2 day old rogue cheerios has become an exciting new game. For an added challenge, they like to go for the ones that have been chewed up, spit out, and are now cemented to the bottom of the exersaucer.


Speaking of food, the girls’ daily menu now consists of 3 meals and 4 bottles. They will pretty much eat anything, but one of their favorite foods is Grampa Greg’s pickles!

IMG_4289And as a 1st birthday present for mom and dad, they did THIS:

3 words: HA. LE. LUJAH.

Another big milestone hit this month was taking baths in the big tub (yeah…we milked that infant tub as long as we could–13 months!).


“Hold still…you’ve got some schmutz in your hair.”

And speaking of hair, ours is getting pretty out of control. We’ve been waffling on whether or not to cut it–it still seems so short??–but little baby mullets seem to be taking shape, so it might be time.

photo (2)

Both girls have been experimenting with language, trying to decide what their first words and signs will be. Bryn has decided her first word will be in ASL. She has added her signature Miss America flair to “ALL DONE” and uses it all. the. time.


Yo. Mom. I’m ALL DONE with this stroller ride. And ALL DONE with Nora looking at me. And ALL DONE with this thing in my hair. ALL DONE, mom. AAALLLLL DONNNNNE. Got it??

Nora chose English as the language of her first word. And while Nick and I BOTH KNOW her first word was “mama,” spoken clear as day in the car on the way home from church last week, of course (to Nick’s delight), this was the only thing we caught on camera:

Whelp, time to go finish the cabinet lock installation. Which began last week. And almost ended our marriage. There’s got to be an easier design out there somewhere. Two models later, the interior of our cabinet looks like swiss cheese and if the girls double team it, they can still get at the Windex with relative ease.



PS: I’ll leave you with this: