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It’s been 365 days, 2,952 bottles, 5,110 diapers and 973 hours attached to a breast pump (what?! really wish I hadn’t just done that math…) since Nora and Bryn graced us with their tiny presence 13 weeks early. It’s a story we’ll never forget.
IMG_0500It’s kind of amazing that there was still time in there for all the milestones they’ve hit–going from 1 tsp of milk per day to 25oz per day, doubling their body weight 3 times, houdini-ing out of a swaddle, making it through flu season as a preemie unscathed, rolling, crawling, standing, doing this:

We’ve gone from full-on quarantine to twin play dates


IMG_5036And our former 1lb 4oz and 2lb nuggets are crawling all over the place and climbing up on eVerYtHinG. Nora has figured out how to get down from a standing position, but Bryn hasn’t, which really pisses her off.



IMG_5406Speaking of Bryn, did we mention she’s done with her helmet? Woot woot! Downside: nothing to cover up a bad hair day anymore.



Nothin but mischief in those eyes.

Holding them both these days is a little different than it used to be.

photo (76)

We’re holding/eating our own food (but still not bottles, !()*^&!)



And the girls recently started their own band (it’s called The Twinschitls). IMG_5064

This past month we spent some time at the cabin. The goal for mom and dad was to relax, but we ended up spending most of our time trying to childproof everything. N & B were in heaven–look at all this new sh!t to get into! BeSt vAcaTiON EvEr!


Nick and I are really horrible childproofers, and it’s amazing we’ve been able to keep 2 babies alive for a year. Everyone says the best way to childproof your house is to get down on the floor so you can see your house from a baby’s  point of view. Whenever we try this, however, we wake up an hour later with carpet marks on our faces, only to find Nora licking knives in the dishwasher and Bryn reprogramming our DVR with her mouth. So most of our childproofing efforts are the result of finding a baby about to lose limb or get electrocuted as opposed to preemptive fixes.

The grandparents continue to spoil the girls, which to Grampa Hansen means giving them only the best microbrews.


I, however, felt it was more appropriate to bring the girls’ milkshake machine along for the ride (say what?! there’s a cigarette lighter on the boat?!).


I’m only smiling because I know I’m less than 1 month away from being able to chuck that pump into Vincent Lake.


Chillin on the dock

The girls also attended their first Twins game this month!



They kept whining that they were bored, so mom and dad tried to hook them up with the Mauer girls.


Well, while Joe was up at bat, he looked up in the stands, saw our sign, snapped his sexy fingers, and had us escorted to his private suite. His girls had just been born a few days earlier and were still in the hospital, so no play date yet, but he gave us free food and beer to tide us over until we all can be united and start our lifelong friendships. True story!


Thanks, Joe!

There was lots of other fun stuff this month, including the girls’ first double date,

first public skinny dip,

their own phones,


kids are getting them earlier and earlier these days

playin in the sand at Nokomis BeachIMG_5395

gettin busted at nap timeIMG_5399

and asserting their independence.


I don’t always insist on feeding myself, but when I do, I choose blueberries.

Of course, the pinnacle of the past few weeks was the girls’ first birthday!

IMG_0468IMG_0474 IMG_0476IMG_0524

IMG_0571IMG_0547IMG_0553IMG_0583IMG_0607IMG_0602IMG_0615IMG_0595IMG_0660They even got a second overdose of sugar on their actual bday, courtesy of Grandma WIMG_0688


Bryn carefully dismantled her cake


Nora was less careful

We’ve come a long way from this, haven’t we!?

We can’t believe the support and love you all have given Nora, Bryn and us this past year. In some ways it has seemed long and in some ways it’s flown by, but we are so thankful that we had you along for the ride.

I’ll leave you with baby giggles:



PS–Fifteen year old Bryn, calm down–I realize all the videos in this post are of Nora, but we’re up at Breezy Point and we left the camera with all your stuff on it at home. We still love you. =)