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Ahh Summer…  We are now officially half way through it.  No I don’t want to see your facebook pictures of school supplies going on sale.  That’s just insane!  I’ve gotta say, Sara, the girls and I have done a ton of really fun stuff, surpassing a lot of our expectations.  That being said, there have been more than a few things that we were not expecting and that have NOT surpassed our expectations.

One of which is Nora’s sleeping, or shall I say lack thereof.

Honestly, by this point we thought that she would have reverted back to sleeping through the night, which she established very early on.  Bryn continues to sleep uninterrupted while Nora yells and climbs the rails of her crib at 3:45 am.  These moments really suck!  Which brings me to my main point: If someone comes up to me while on a walk, checking out at the grocery store, or any of the countless other places where I am with the twins and they say, “Cherish every moment with your babies,”  I may just turn around and slap them.  Seriously, full on slap.—I haven’t decided whether it will be an open or closed hand yet.  I’m going to think on that one still.  Okay I wouldn’t slap the grannies because they are so darn cute, but everyone else is fair game.

The only thing I can think of at night when Nora is almost inconsolable are these “cherish every moment” comments.   Now, I realize that Sara and I are not the only ones who receive these comments.  I’m sure this is something that all parents receive, but guess what?  I will not cherish the 12:30am wakeup call followed by the 3:45am wakeup call.  It’s summer and I thought I would be getting more sleep, not less.  As I attempt to rock Nora back to sleep, unsuccessfully I might add,  I think about how I might respond when someone tells me to “cherish every moment” again.  Here a few of my ideas:

  • “Go f yourself.”
  • “Seriously, you are so full of shit, do you honestly believe that you cherished every moment?”
  • “Go f yourself.”
  • “Oh, I will cherish most of the moments but not all of them.”

That one is the tamest, yet I cannot even bring myself to say it because it implies that there is something wrong with me.  It gives the “cherish every moment” people more fuel.  I can hear their rebuttals now, “Oh you’ve just gotta cherish every moment, because they grow up so fast.”  I imagine myself standing there and feeling like a jerk.  I can hear myself right now responding with, “Yeah, they do grow up fast” and imagine myself feeling a little bit stupid too.  I wouldn’t be quick enough to respond with anything worthy because, remember, I’ve had two early morning wakeup calls and I can barely think.

What I normally do in these moments is simply respond with this face.

photo (75)

Notice my raised eyebrows and titled head which are saying, “really?”  Also noticed my pursed lips and face, which say, “f yourself.”  This is just a lot easier and it’s the passive aggressive “Minnesota” way. Maybe I just respond with “yes,” and give them a link to this blog post?  That actually sounds like the best idea.

So yeah, the sleep thing hasn’t been the greatest, but I totally understand that 99% of parents deal with this.  There are definitely different levels, but almost all of us face it.  For those of you that have babies that sleep through the night, please refer to the picture above and be aware that if you talk about your perfectly sleeping babies you may get a slap in the face because NOBODY wants to hear it.

Since sleep seems to be the theme of this blog I’m going to continue to roll with it.  I’ve been doing something very strange yet consistent in my sleep for the last 3 months and I don’t know what to do about it.  Okay, so almost every night I wake up completely freaked out.  Actually it’s more of a panic.  Here is how this situation unfolds. I wake up from a very drowsy sleep and believe that I am sleeping with one of the girls.  We don’t normally allow the girls to sleep in our bed, but if one of them wakes up early, but not too early, and we want to rest a bit more, we attempt to lay with them in our bed.  Don’t judge me. Anyway I wake up and have my arms around what I believe is Nora. In my mind, this baby that I am protecting is clearly Nora because she seems bigger.  I dose on and off like this from about 12:00am to 12:45. At 12:45 I wake up in a panic because I realize that I am no longer holding Nora, but Sara.  In my mind, Nora MUST be in this bed somewhere!  Is she at the foot of the bed?  Is Sara laying on her? AM I LAYING ON HER?  Thus ensues the full on panic where I rip apart the bed in search of Nora.  Most of the time I just get up and pat down the entire bed, Sara included.  I frisk Sara and do everything except a cavity check, which I assume she is happy about.  However, on one occasion I stripped the bed clean, picked up all of the sheets and blankets and moved them very gently to the floor where I unfolded each blanket like a surgeon handling a patient during operation—I am never more gentle with anything than in these moments (moments I might add, I would like to forget ever happened).  Meanwhile, as I opened up all of the blankets on the floor, Sara reaffirmed that the girls were in their cribs.  Maybe reaffirmed isn’t the best word.  It’s was more like yelling at me. “Nick, the girls are in their cribs!  They are sleeping!  Look at the monitor!” What Sara doesn’t realize is that for the last hour, I was fully invested in the idea that Nora was sleeping with us and that she just didn’t know.  What I continue to fail to realize is that Nora was never in the bed.  That “baby” that I was holding the entire time was actually my “true love” baby named Sara Windschitl. As cute as that sounds, and good brownie points by anyone else’s standards, Sara is getting really pissed off with my nighttime routine.  She isn’t getting much sleep either so she very much doesn’t need my continued antics.  We often “role play” this scenario, like good teachers, before bed and I tell myself over and over that we would never bring our babies into the bed in the middle of the night, but nothing seems to work.  I know that I am not the only one that does this.  One of my friends who also has Twins (Matt Wilde–also with 27 week preemie girls–check them out does a much more tame version of this.  All of you that know me understand that I always go big, even in these situations.

Okay, so if you have any advice for me please let me know.  I kind of need to kick this or Sara might take to kicking me.

Thanks for your continued support of our girls!  Thus far it has been a fantastic summer.  Here are few of my favorite moments.  The moments that I choose to cherish.


Time for gates. Nora’s not diggin’ it.


I’ll climb up anything now. Including mom’s leg.


My 3 favorite girls


What? You didn’t think I would get into these if you left them on the coffee table?


My first time eating finger (fist) foods


Sara’s turn to host the Moms of Multiples playdate. Sara let me crash it.


At the cabin!


First dip in Vincent Lake


Yes, I will eat the hose.


Chillaxin’ in the pool


Happy hour @ Adrian’s


Happy hour @ Nokomis


First time to the pool


Fireworks–Ooo! Aaahhh!!


Drivin’ the boat with Grandpa W


Yep, time to lower the cribs.


Collage of Nora gettin’ into shit


Triplets? Or cousins?

  IMG_4083 IMG_4075 IMG_0318 IMG_4839

Much love,