Dear 18 year old Nora,

When you were 10 1/2 months old, you got a nasty stomach bug and puked everywhere for about a week. Not once did we manage to catch any of your epic pukes on camera that week (it just seemed cruel at the time). But 2 weeks later, when you had us convinced you were fine (by gaining back 1lb 2 oz in 2 weeks and eating like an absolute animal), we got cocky and fed you an entire banana and then a huge bottle of milk. And then you did this:

photo (75)

Not pictured: large pool of banana puke in dad’s crotch.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for yaking on daddy and the couch instead of our freshly shampooed carpet. Second of all, we want you to know how hard it is to suction banana chunks out of a screaming 10 month old’s nose. And finally, we’d like to apologize for putting your screaming, banana-covered self in a laundry basket for 10 minutes while we tried to figure out how to move your banana-laden father from the couch to the laundry room without dripping baby banana smoothie on the carpet. But the real reason we’re apologizing for putting you in the laundry basket against your will, is because while we were trying to contain your banana puke and protect our freshly shampooed carpet, Bryn was also puking. On the carpet.

So, yeah–sorry about that. In hindsight, we should have just let you both roam free and puke. Our bad.


Mom & Dad