The little misses are now 10 1/2 months old. It’s a good thing they keep getting cuter, because they keep sleeping less, which makes mom and dad a lot less cute. So I guess we’re keeping some sort of weird cuteness balance going between the four of us…

Thanks to our friend Amanda Kline for the surprise photography session while she was babysitting the ladies! (Bryn–pink, Nora–yellow)

IMG_0862 IMG_0885 IMG_0887

Little Bryn is ALMOST done with her helmet! Just a couple weeks left we hope. She’s been a total sport about it–hasn’t bothered her a bit. Of our duo, she is definitely the champion sleeper.


Check out that nice round melon!IMG_4414


Mama’s first Mother’s Day was great. After doing Race for the Cure with both Grandmas, and getting to see them fuss over the girls for awhile (best gift ever =),


we went out for brunch. The girls did great (Nick–look out! Bryn’s totally ganking your bacon!). IMG_4365We’re pretty pumped that the weather has actually warmed up to acceptable summer temps around here, because those damn flowered hoodies are the only warm things that still fit the girls. Come on, Minnesota. N + B are going to look back at pics and think that’s all we dressed them in for 3 months.

I also got ALMOST everything I wanted for my birthday: a hunky man, 2 cute babies…and a pipe dream.


photo (75)

Since we’re all about being out and about these days, we decided to join all our preemie partners in crime at the Children’s Hospital Baby Steps 3k.  The event raised over $100,000 for the NICU at Children’s (ironically, only about 1/15th of the tab the girls’ racked up while there–ha! =), but a great event nonetheless!

baby stepsIt was fun to catch up with all our twin friends. Somehow the cosmos aligned and the triple doubles’ feeding schedules synced up for lunch time. Feeding time at the zoo!

baby steps 2

Nora also treated us to her first triple-layer blowout. She definitely chose to blowout with a bang, waiting until we were deep inside the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, miles from our car where we left the majority of our diaper bag contents. Luckily, we were surrounded by uber-prepared twin parents, who were way less grossed out than we were, and tossed us changing pads, changes of clothes, and understanding nods. Sorry Nora–we were too busy dry heaving to notice that your head was on the asphalt. In our defense, you didn’t really choose a great venue for this performance.

mr yuck

This month we also spent some time at the cabin, introducing the girls to the pontoon, and therefore their first PFDs. They were less than thrilled with these bulky pink monstrosities, but thought the boat was pretty cool.


Catch of the Day at Vincent Lake!


We brought a uhaul full of toys to keep them entertained, but they ended up pretty satisfied with mixing bowls and cooking utensils the majority of the time.


Brynny in a bowl!


Our attempt at actually taking them swimming was met with much less enthusiasm than we’d hoped. The sunscreen nazi (aka mama) had ’em all lubed up with SPF 780, but we only lasted about 15 minutes at the pool. 

IMG_4632 IMG_4629When we were getting ready to take them for a walk the following day, daddy suggested that perhaps we didn’t need to put sunscreen on them because they still had some on from the day before. WhAT!? dOeS hE kNOw WhO hE’s taLKinG tO?! You’re telling this to the girl whose main reason for doing yoga is so that she’s limber enough to put sunscreen on her
own back (you just can’t trust people to do this for you). Not even funny, Nick. Might as well just hand them a pack of Marlboros…

On the mobility front, Nora is 4-point crawling like a crazed animal, cruising around the house and getting into every single non-child-proofed thing she can.


Little Bryn is taking her time with this, still hindered a little bit by the bowling ball on her head (and the fact that she’s still just a little peanut!). 


…not yet.


Bryn may be a little top heavy, but I like how scrappy and resourceful she gets. Check out the leg action at around 0:56. Get it, girl!

Bryn does, however, have the best food faces.

IMG_4650We’re a regular smoothie shop up in here, blending up pretty much anything that grows–bananas, pears, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, squash, apricots, parsnips, mangoes, peas, green beans, etc. Nora is definitely the omnivore, and yells at us in between bites if we’re not shoveling the mash into her pie hole fast enough. Bryn prefers to take her meals in a much more leisurely fashion, and is slightly more selective when she dines (hold the peas, please).

Last week, we thought Nora had changed her mind about the blueberries, after projectile vomiting them all over us one morning. Turns out baby girl somehow contracted rotavirus. =( After a couple days of not keeping much down, we landed in the ER for some IV fluids.


We FaceTimed with daddy to distract us from the needle

IMG_3904IMG_4581IMG_4598Our girl lost over half a pound while she was laid up, but has come back strong in the last several days, eating almost double what she did before! She seems bound and determined to make up for every mL she missed…even if that means waking up at 2am and screaming like a banshee for a bottle. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since she had the virus, so we’re we’re thinking about laying the smack down on this middle of the night crap. Miraculously, Bryn didn’t catch this HIGHLY contagious bug, and even more miraculously, sleeps through all of Nora’s night waking and wailing. Whew.

To celebrate Nick and I both being done with school for the summer, we packed up the happy hour wagon with babies and booze and headed down to the lake. Yeah, that’s wine in our stroller. Don’t judge.

The girls’ 10 month check-up went swimmingly, and they just keep on rockin’ that growth curve. Our ped said that Nora’s adult height will be 5’3″ and Bryn’s will be 5′. It is CRAZY weird to think of the girls at “adult heights,” considering we still have one in size 1 dipes! Everyone says it happens so fast, but it blows our mind to think that something that was 11 inches at birth will grow to be 60 inches.

These little nuggets are friggin amazing.

Happy summer, everyone!