Our little Bryn is ready for the X Games! She handled her 2 HOUR helmet fitting well, waiting patiently between cuttings, shavings and adjustments (on the helmet, not her head).

IMG_4046IMG_4055…then she passed out sitting in the bumbo. 

Once we got it all tricked out,

we tested it out with some off-roading around the lake (i.e. the paved walking path full of potholes).


She did great with it on, but when we took another ride the next day during her 1-hr/day helmet break, I guess we got a little too crazy, because both girls got KO’ed! Whoops!


Nora’s newest thing is chewing the $h!t out of everything.

IMG_4091 IMG_4139

We thought she might be cutting teeth, so we asked Bryn to check for us.


Nope, nothin. Along with the chewing has come the disappearance of The Holy Grail of Parenthood–The Sleeping Through the Night.

We don’t want to talk about it.

But as long as we’re talking about it, we’ll tell you this: it sucks. We felt like we hit the jackpot when the girls started sleeping through the night pretty early on, including falling asleep the second we put them in their cribs. Nowadays, we have to strategically stagger bedtimes, locations and white noise volume to allow for Nora to fit in her new bedtime routine, which goes something like this:

-Get last evening bottle. Chew the bejeezus out of the nipple and do very minimal actual eating.

-Let mom and dad read me Goodnight Moon. Look at the pictures, coo at the fun parts, start to look sleepy at the end. Get em’ excited.

-Pretend like I’m gonna go down quietly like I used to–when I was a “baby” (ha! suckas!)

-Wait for them to start eating dinner, then pivot 90 degrees, log roll up and down the length of the crib a few times as a warm up (I am sooo good at log rolling), then either bang my head into the rails or get my foot stuck between the crib and the wall.

-Scream bloody murder until someone comes in to rescue me.


-For an hour.

“Doesn’t this wake up Bryn?” you might ask. Little Miss Bryn, our baby who used to cry during baths, diaper changes and costume changes alike, now sleeps like this:

photo (74)

But because we’re too scared that she might join the demon bedtime club with her sister, we let her fall asleep in a remote, undisclosed location and sneak her back in on the sly once Nora is done with her nightly performance. So far it’s only backfired once, and that was mostly due to premature baby transfer on mom and dad’s part (amateurs! psshh!).

Oh and then Nora wakes up at 3am to eat.

This too shall pass (is what they tell us. But we know they’re lying).

We’re also on to solid foods, and so far bananas and carrots have been a hit, and only half of our furniture and clothes have orange stains on them.


Some other crazy food-related tricks we managed this month were taking our first long-ish road trip and managing to not have to stop and feed. Tandem backseat bottles!


Nick, our Kitchen CEO, has gotten the girls off to an early start with their sous chef training.


Our big exciting event of the month was the Children’s Hospital Star Gala. We were asked to share the girls’ story at the event, the goal of which was to raise $2 million to fund the new Mother Baby Center. On top of it being the fanciest function Nick and I will probably ever go to, it was also the girls’ first big debut in The Great Dirty Public (not including the brunch adventure), and they even got all gussied up for the occasion. The grandparents all got to come, and we got to see all the girls’ former neonatologists from the NICU and show them the big, fat fruits of their labor. Thanks to our parents and their awesome photography skills, we have a bunch of phenomenal blurry photos of the floor, ceiling, and backs of peoples’ heads.



I mean, we pretty much work here

Making some last minute speech changes in the control room

Making some last minute speech changes in the control room


Gettin ready to go on stage!



Hangin out with our BFF Belinda, staying up way past bedtime.


Sleepy sleepy babies



Hanging out in the hotel room



Our biggest health milestone this month was “graduating” from home health care. The girls are so dang healthy that Nurse Mike broke up with us. =( We gave him an inflatable neck pillow as a parting gift so he can (more comfortably) sleep in his car between patients. It was also a subtle suggestion that maybe he wanted to stay a little longer…maybe take a night shift?? Eh, eh??

I mean, how could he say no to these faces?



Hang on to the end of this one. You won’t be sorry.

The minute RSV season (i.e. preemie quarantine season) was officially over on May 1st, you better believe Nick and I celebrated with an adult beverage…then threw the girls in their buckets and drove them to Target. That’s right. Germs. Carts. Little kids everywhere. We also took them to baby storytime at the library, where 30 other kids under 2 tried to share their saliva-laden toys with them. We drew the line before any spit was swapped, but we DID let them breathe the same air. Look how crazy and carefree we are! Weeeeeeeee!


photo (77)


And now, at the time of this posting, an hour after we put the girls down, this is a live shot of our baby monitor:



Someday we will sleep again.