The weeks leading up to the girls’ 8 month birthday have been full of excitement (and excrement–as Nick eloquently illustrated here). We went on our first overnight trip to Rochester to Nick’s parents’ for Easter. Although both of us are vehemently resisting ever purchasing a minivan, we did discuss possibly buying a UHaul. Packing for 2 infants gave us new appreciation for baggage handlers at the airport and those grocery baggers that always remember to put the eggs on top. In our excitement to Get the Hell Outta Dodge, we forgot to get a picture of the madness that was the back of Nick’s Saturn Vue, but here’s a little peek at about 1/10th of the stuff unpacked at our destination. 

IMG_3908The car ride went quite smoothly, thanks to Nora’s newfound ability to play with noisy toys.

Grandma had fun dressing up the girls in Easter dresses.

IMG_3530The girls also had a chance to try out Grandma and Grandpa’s newly renovated master bath, and made themselves right at home.


“Really? You’ve been bathing me in a plastic tub, when all this time I could have had marble?”

IMG_3509IMG_3492IMG_3497Before we left, Bryn got fitted for her NEW HELMET! That’s right, our girl is getting a head start on bicycle safety (with the added bonus of of gently pushing her head into a more spherical shape).



IMG_3879We’re hoping that when her helmet arrives, we’ll get lots more awesome bed-head episodes like this one:


Nora was a little jealous of all the attention Bryn was getting, so she crapped her pants, earning herself her first public bathroom diaper change. Weeeeee!

IMG_3880And she also added “grabbin’ my toes” to her bag of tricks.

IMG_4018The girls got a visit from Nelena Rausch, the cah-YUTE 1 month old daughter of Sara’s friend and coworker (yes, the one who abandoned her with a class full of Kindergartners in order to go give birth…but all was forgiven after seeing this beautiful little chubster!). Added bonus: N & B looked like GIANTS in comparison!

"Let us show you the way, little one. Start by screaming bloody murder. Ready...go."

“Let us show you the way, little one. Start by screaming bloody murder. Ready…go.”

The girls have been getting a little more stingy with their smiles. They refuse to smile for cameras,

IMG_3824but grandparents get them for free (welcome back, Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!)


photo (73)Yesterday, on their 8 month birthday, the girls made their television debut on the Kare 11 Saturday show to help promote the new Mother Baby Center at Children’s Hospital!

Hijacking the newsdesk chairs before our segment

Hijacking the newsdesk chairs before our segment


Breaking our household “NO TV FOR BABIES” rule


Getting ready to go on the air with Belinda! And yes, she is just as nice in person. =)

Here is a link to the segment!

It was really fun to see Dr. Bendel-Stenzel with the girls, now that they’re about 8x bigger than when she last saw them. =) She’s quite the lady, and we’re forever grateful to her and the other neonatal physicians at Children’s!


In a few short weeks, the girls will be sharing their story at the Children’s Hospital Star Gala, using their chubby cheeks to entice rich people to open up their wallets for the Mother Baby Center. The event is sold out, but if you’ve got a couple million to spare (or even just a couple bucks =), we can think of no better place for you to put it than here.

Hard to believe it’s been 8 months. Those pictures of tiny raisin babies are starting to look almost foreign to us. Nora and Bryn have come so far. Thank you Children’s, and thank YOU for following our little ladies on this journey!

I’ll close with a picture of baby butts.