It’s hard to believe that our babies will be 8 months old on Saturday (corrected age 5 months).


All of the OT (occupational therapy) PT (physical therapy) that the girls receive (due to their low birth weight ) continues to show that our girls are doing everything and more for their age (corrected age).  That being said, as I watch these occupational therapists and physical therapists stretch and prop them in different positions, I often find myself wanting to ask them questions about this so called “normal for their corrected age” kind of statements.


For example in October (when still in the hospital), I remember picking Nora up and carrying her to the tub for a bath.  Normal right? But about 3 steps into carrying her, I remember being surprised, no—shocked/horrified–to find that my daughter had just shot red-hot poop into my hands. –Not Normal right?  Honestly, if it hadn’t been Nora or Bryn that I was holding, I absolutely would have dropped it.  In fact, when I came to my senses and my heart stopped racing, I had to keep looking down at her to make sure that I hadn’t dropped her.  She was wide-eyed and smiling.  I on the other hand, had no idea what to do. Should I just sit here and wish it away?   Should I throw her in the tub and have her bathe in her poop?  Is that normal?  I don’t know, I am a new Dad.  Maybe that’s what you do when your child shits in your hand.  By the way, not only was it red-hot, but there was also a lot of it and I could feel it making its way through my fingers, which were pushed together so tight that I began to think I could turn it into diamonds.  Or is it coal that turns into diamonds under pressure?  Ughhh the pressure to make a decision was at hand.. Literally.  Should I hand her off to a nurse and say that I have an appointment to get to? Luckily, Sarge wanted to get a few pictures of this moment, which gave me a few more minutes to make a decision (Sarge, not sure what you’re planning on doing with those pics, but I still want them!).  I decided that the most logical idea was to rinse both of us off in the sink.  Recently I checked the internet for a “My child just pooed in my hands” device and there is no such thing. Feel free to take that idea and run with it folks.  I am not about to patent the idea.

Now the reason I am rehashing this 5 months later is because I was pooped on for the second time just last week.  Is this normal?  I wanted to ask the OT and PT if that was normal for her age (corrected), but  I decided to check the most reliable source for information about what is normal (the internet).  Apparently, it is VERY normal for a child to poop in the tub, which by the way, our girls have not done yet.  I guess they like to mark their territory, which they clearly have.  There are a ton of stories about babies pooping in the tub, but I couldn’t find one story about a child pooping in their father’s hand x 2.   You know there’s a saying, “Poop on me once, shame on you, poop on me twice shame on me.”  I don’t know what it means if it happens a third time.  The only way that I can stop this is to have Sara change all diapers and carry them to the tub every time.  Sorry babe, It’s the only way to stop the madness. =)

That being said, there are other questions that I want to ask the PT and OT, like is it normal for their age to only drink their milk if their parents are doing high knees (the ones from the INSANITY workout that Sara and I are doing) while feeding?  If that doesn’t work, is it normal to find it necessary to sing insanely stupid songs?  Songs which we have made up I might add.  The normal songs like twinkle, twinkle do NOT work.  Here is a song that I made up that works  87.4% of the time.  Sara uses it too, which is a sign that yes it must work.  This song is sung to the tune of “Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou” and it goes a little something like this:  Drink, drink, drink the milk.  Drink, drink, drink the milk.  Drink, drink, drink the milk, cause it’s good for your body.  Imagine singing this song over and over for upwards of 40 minutes.  It’s just insane.  Not as insane as doing the Insanity High Knees, but pretty insane.  I wish there were cool songs that worked.  There is one song that I try to sing to the girls, and every time I do it, the girls scream louder and Sara finally told me about 2 weeks ago that she absolutely hates it when I sing it.  I caught her at a bad time and she clearly had had enough of the song in order to tell me that not only is the song horrible, but that I always sing it out of tune.  Ouch.  My ego was hurt, but it still doesn’t deter me from trying to sing it in hopes that it will calm them.   Sara is now less abashed in expressing her feelings and if her nonverbal feedback was verbal, it would be full of cuss words. I bet you’re wondering about the song huh?  Well here it is.

Big girls don’t cry by the Four Seasons.

Dad, was this the “quality” music you were referring to when all I wanted to do was listen to Michael Jackson in early elementary?  I cannot believe you wouldn’t let me go to Michael Jackson Skate Night at Skate Country.  I’m not letting that one go.  I heard it was epic.  =)

Anyway, the girls are doing awesome.  Sara and I are continually blessed by two amazing little girls.  They continue to grow.  Bryn is 11 lbs 9oz and Nora is 14 lbs 5oz.  They might do a few abnormal things, but then again they have an abnormal father, so can we blame them?  We love them with more than we will ever be able to express.  We continue to thank God for these miracle babies.

Their story still touches people, so we have been asked to share it again as well as some information about a Gala for The Mother Baby Center, which Sara and I (and the girls!) will be speaking at in April.  Belinda Jensen wants us to show them off on her Saturday morning show on KARE11.  Watch for us sometime between 8-9am this Saturday.  I will do my best not to bring up anything poo related.  I’m hoping that she will also give a shout out to Sara’s Grandpa Stan who watches her faithfully.  Almost every time I am over to his place for happy hour, he says “That Belinda Jensen is a good looking gal,” and every time he says this to me like it is the first time he has ever said it.


Watch for that and more on Saturday morning.

Here are a few other pictures!



IMG_3981 IMG_3962


Thank you again for all of your prayers!  They continue to be answered.

Much love, Nick