Snow day, bitcheeessss!! Weeeee!


No, we didn’t make that ourselves–don’t be ridiculous. We are still in our PJs. Thanks, google images. We couldn’t have said it better.

Nick is SARS-masking it today. Booo. My school closed in the wee hours, but Nick was up typing sub plans for an hour before I spotted Eden Prairie Schools scrolling at the bottom of the screen. It’s been a hot minute (or.. a cold one?) since we’ve both had a snow day–we’ll TAKE IT!

This got us reminiscing back to this time a year ago. Let us paint you a picture…

It’s leap day. It’s snowing like a banshee. I get a wild hair and decide to pee on a stick before work. I leave it on the bathroom counter and get in the shower. Five minutes later, I’m yelling at Nick from the shower, threatening him with his life for yanking my chain with his really realistic “OMG you’re pregnant” shtick. Then, upon seeing the 2 pink lines myself, I continue to threaten Nick with his life while looking for the pink sharpie he no doubt has hidden somewhere on his person. Nope–it’s for real. I’m halfway out of the garage and my boss texts–school is closed today. Great–now I have all day to google myself into a paranoid tizzy. I head in for a blood test (let’s make this official) and 3 days later my pregnancy hormone levels have tripled (say whaaat?). Fast forward a few weeks, and Nick and I are exchanging wide-eyed glances in front of an ultrasound screen (we may not know how to read ultrasounds, but we’re fairly certain we see 2 of something in there) and wondering why the ultrasound tech is so quiet.



What? How? What some of you may know, and other may not, is that a few short months before, I was on a different ultrasound table–in the ER–getting the news no newly-pregnant couple wants to hear. Ectopic pregnancy. Ruptured tube. Massive internal bleeding. Emergency surgery necessary. And a few months later–a test–confirming tube irreversibly damaged by scar tissue from surgery. Nonviable. Busted plumbing. We’re really sorry.

But yep–twins. It would have taken awhile for any spontaneous pregnancy to sink in, but TWINS? Were we being punk’d?

Hard to believe this was all a year ago. Some days it feels like it was eons ago, and some days it feels like we blinked and 2 chubby babies showed up on our doorstep (ha–it was a little more complicated than that, lest we forget what happened)…

We’re pretty thankful for this snow day, and the extra few minutes it’s given us to think about that snow day 1 year ago this week. =)

We’re ALSO thankful for the extra time it gave Nick to make THIS today, as he played with iMovie:

We’re also crazy excited that Uncle Phil and Cathy are going to babysit soon! Luckily the girls were on extra cute behavior when they visited a few weeks ago, so they agreed to come back.


They even brought the girls cool piggy banks, so they can start pinching pennies like Uncle Phil and pissing people off with their frugality as early as possible.

Even if the Good Lord didn’t bring you a snow day today, we hope we’ve made your workday go a little faster by monopolizing your computer with Twinschitl posts.


Sara & Nick