Now if that title doesn’t just scream “cute baby,” I don’t know what does. It’s true, though–Nora is now a hefty 13lbs, having gained 11oz in the past 8 days. This is a record for our little cow, who has earned herself the new nickname Chunky Soup. Little Miss Bryn has chosen the slow and steady route, gaining a respectable 5oz this past week, weighing in at 10lbs 5oz. We’re convinced that her thick new comb-over is responsible for at least one of those ounces. Girlfriend is growin’ quite the fro the last couple of weeks! Nora probably has the same amount of hair, but it’s lusciousness is dwarfed by her massive cheeks.


This has made bathtime a lot more fun for mom and dad.


IMG_3499After Chunky Soup’s heavyweight status declaration on Friday, she promptly went on a hunger strike, tricking us into believing she was drinking half her bottles, but actually storing it in her cheeks like a little milky squirrel and then releasing it in an oozing milk volcano 10 minutes later. This did NOT bode well for her stats in the baby tracker app, nearly driving her data-whore mother off the edge.


We usually have only a week between visits with the home health nurse, but since the girls are kickin so much @$$, Nurse Mike said it was time to start weaning the girls (ok–mom and dad) off the comfort of the weekly weigh-ins. So Nora now gets to taunt us with her eating shenanigans for another week before we get to survey the damage. Lil shyster.

Speaking of Nurse Mike, yeah–he’s pretty awesome. Children’s Home Care, if you’re reading this, give this man a raise!

IMG_3566Nora and Bryn especially love Nurse Mike on the weeks they DON’T have to get RSV shots. On shot weeks, they’re not very big fans, but luckily their long term memory hasn’t really developed yet, so Nurse Mike still gets free smiles every time he walks in.

The girls have also been getting visits from Mpls Public Schools occupational therapists and physical therapists, or as N&B like to call them, the ladies who bring free toys.



Yep. I’ll take that.

The fat hairy ladies are usually pretty pooped after their workout sessions, so mom and dad trick them into sleeping in the boppies.


OR we just pass out on the floor in a pile of toys.


In other news, it was mom’s turn for the SARS mask last week. After 3 days back at work, the kindergarten scum infiltrated her mucous membranes, rendering her helpless and snot-rocketing out the driver’s side door at stoplights. Sexy.

IMG_3313Oh and yes–you heard that right. We got TWO kindergarten teachers up in this house! I ended up taking over for our kindergarten teacher who was going on maternity leave upon my return. We had planned a comfortable, week-long overlap to ease the transition for all, she envisioning a leisurely transfer of duties with her eyes on the baby prize, and me, envisioning ample time to grab naps in the staff bathroom my first week back. But wouldn’t you know–after ONE DAY together, she went into labor and threw me to the 5-year-old wolves–alone, scared, and tired beyond what I thought was humanly possible. Amanda, if you’re reading this, I forgive you–but only because Nelena is the 3rd cutest baby on the planet. You’re welcome.

THIS well-rested face, however, is the face of a dad whose babies slept through the night for the first time!


We can’t wait until they do it again someday.

And now, since it’s way past mama’s bedtime (but fingers crossed for a snow day tmw!!), here are some random pics of our 7-month old babes from the last month!


Bryn’s new trick–sittin up big-girl style!

Seriously--who gave us these babies?!

Seriously–who gave us these babies?!


Orange ring goateeIMG_3447

Not to be outdone…


Lil walk. Hurry up spring.

Lil walk. Hurry up spring.


Never too early.

You wanna eat them, don't you

You wanna eat them, don’t you


Making an impact on the ladies since 1977.

And announcing…

a new cousin on the way! Congrats, Uncle Jop and Aunt Linzr!

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 8.28.51 PM