Ok, no one’s walking. That’s a lie. But it’s been so long since we’ve posted you might think so!

I just took 2 GROCERY BAGS of clothes that don’t fit them anymore down to the basement. =( I can’t believe there is stuff that no longer fits their tiny (ok–big, fat) baby thighs. Nora has crazy huge man hands and her sausage toes are busting out of her sleepers. Maybe that’s our fault. We’ve been giving her extra shots of preemie formula in hopes it might help her to become the first woman to win the Tour de France. Turns out that backfires every time!

So guess we’ll just catch you up with a smattering of random pics from the last month! Ready….GO!

For their first Christmas, the girls totally milked their Preemie status and made everyone come to them. And they were not disappointed! Grandma and Grandpa Windschitl came for Christmas Eve, and Christmas was spent with Grama & Grampa Hansen, and Uncle Joppy and Aunt Linzr who flew in from AZ for the week. The girls (and the rest of us) were surprised to learn that their uncle’s new look includes a large, furry animal that has taken up residence on his face. Santa even made a special appearance, which as you can see, excited the N&B to no end.

5 months (166) 5 months (140) 5 months (109)

IMG_30595 months (159)

Check out the sweet bling Nora and Bryn gave the Grandmas for Christmas!

5 months (224)

Nora informed us, via huge blowout, that she was done with newborn size diapers. “I’ll take the size 1’s, thank you.” So passive aggressive of you, Nora.

5 months (219)

Daddy managed to pick up some kindergarten scum that lasted for a couple days. We almost put him out on the street, but his sad puppy eyes out in the sub zero temps made us take pity on him and let him stay inside with as long as he wore his SARS mask.

5 months (174)

Remember how the girls loved the boppies and did all kinds of Instagram-worthy tricks in them? Well, no more. Once in awhile Nora will do her sphinx yoga pose, but that’s about it.

5 months (182)


They recently informed us that boppies are SO 2012 (geez, mom *eyeroll*) and now prefer to spend their tummy time protesting tummy time (this is not staged–I swear).

5 months (175)


They are now into the swings, which used to elicit screams of dissent


and hanging out in mom and dad’s queen sized bed like total divas



The out of town guests continued after the holidays and included Katie and Erik from NYC, and Lissa from VA!

K&E taught them how to play cribbage and enjoy quality beer

5 months (194)

And Lissa practiced for her own new addition due Memorial Day!


Yeah, Liss–that’s cute. But can you do THIS?!

5 months (195)

Now the guests are gone, the grandparents have migrated south for the winter, Nick is back to work, the temps have plummeted, and flu cases have spiked. Which means mama and the babes are hunkered down in our milk bunker during the week tryin not to go insane. This might have been worse, except the girls have added a new trick to their repertoire that makes the days a little warmer…SMILING! We may have taken just a *few* photos of this:

5 months (211)

5 months (198)IMG_3072IMG_3130IMG_3174

They took this one themselves with an iphone:


And the best news of the month we have to report is that Bryn passed her follow-up hearing test yesterday!

photo (71)

Her right ear is still registering a mild loss, but the audiologist is fairly sure it’s due to some fluid or wax in her ear. Mama was all ready to go spelunking for it herself, but the audiologist recommended a visit to the ENT instead. Fine, whatever.

We’re also excited to welcome our new nanny, CLAIRE! She’ll be starting with us in a couple of weeks, doing some important training on things like how to properly squeeze chubby thighs, quickly change D batteries in swings, and use mental math to convert ounces to milliliters. Claire comes to us from the bustling metropolis of Falcon Heights, where we pilfered her from New Horizon daycare center. She has also graciously offered to quit working there in plenty of time for the incubation period for Daycare Scum to expire. What a gal!

Time for me to sign off here. It’s taken me roughly 3 days to write this post, and I’ve had to use my allocated daily shower time to do it.

Happy Tuesday!