Yeah, yeah. We know how long it’s been since our last post. Soorrrrrrrrry! The “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle of having 4-month-olds-that-are-really-more-like-newborns has kept us just a wee bit busy. The weekly weigh-ins with the home health nurse show we must be doin’ something right, because these little nuggets just keep gettin’ fatter!

114Bryn (left) is now about 6.5lbs and Nora is pushing 9! Hey-oh!

Since they now have legit baby fat rolls, we decided to try a little naked baby photo shoot, envisioning peaceful black and white photos of sleeping babies hugging each other, no instagram filter even needed. Four hundred and twenty-three photos later, we had an iphone camera roll full of screaming babies trying to eat each other’s faces.

058 054 IMG_2631

We managed to get ONE sorta good one:


All you baby photographers out there–props to you. (Now come take pictures of our babies).

We had a great Thanksgiving, with both sets of grandparents in attendance. Mom and dad happily gave up a few feeding shifts to the eager grampas, and we even got out for a walk before the temps plummeted and it started spitting ice.



We also found a nice little surprise on our doorstep Thanksgiving morning!


2012-12-09 13.56.42

A reporter at the Star Tribune saw our blog post on the Children’s Hospital website and came out for an interview and photo shoot! We were expecting a little ditty maybe in the local section–not a front page spread! Little humbling to be next to an article about the cease-fire, huh? The article and the rest of the photos are here:

It was fun to see the reactions:

So besides the obvious feeding, diapering and sleeping, you might be wondering what we do all day. A large majority of the day is spent in the milk lab:


Bryn’s not QUITE big enough for the carrier, and daddy’s milkshake hasn’t brought any boys to the yard yet


The rest of the day is typically spent trying to have tummy time. Tummy time usually goes something like this:

1. Mom and dad put babies in the boppies

2. Stories are read, rattles are shaken, funny noises are made, poses are struck


3. Babies fall asleep


4. Mom and dad leave the room for 10 seconds of freedom to pee, brush teeth or carb load for the next round

5. Mom and dad return to find babies in one of these positions:

IMG_2793 IMG_2674 IMG_2716035Nick usually tries to undo the chiropractic damage by doing schoolwork with them on his lap:


Nora has packed on enough L-Bs that we’ve been able to try some non-fortified milk straight from the source. I already have dreams of one day ceremoniously chucking the milker into Lake Nokomis (….or just ceremoniously returning it to Allina Home Medical Supply–whatever). Won’t be anytime soon, though, as little Bryn still needs all her milk fortified with extra calories. I asked the ped if I could just eat the formula myself and then throw her on the boob, but apparently it doesn’t work that way. Sigh. The lake is frozen over now anyway.

We’ve had several visitors, which has made flu-season-homebound-lockdown a little more bearable, and has also given us a reason to put on clean underwear some days. To those of you who have visited, thanks for disinfecting yourselves upon arrival!


And to those visitors who have brought food or diapers, we were even MORE excited to see you! If you didn’t bring anything, and we handed you 3 garbage bags of dirty diapers on your way out, thanks for taking those out to the alley for us.