Hey girls–guess what! You were supposed to be born TODAY, not 13 weeks ago! You should be 2 pumpkins in my belly. Whew. Glad I dodged having to push 2 pumpkins out my hooha, right?!


Bryn’s PisSeD I stole her cake

Day 92 in the hospital, and the girls got to take a field trip up to the 4th floor for their car seat tests with the respiratory therapists!



Nora, you’re about to take a TEST! Aren’t you NerVOuS?!


Bryn waiting for her chariot to be prepared

Watching the safety video so she can learn to buckle herself in. (What, do you think I’m your slave?)

“Hey guys–it’s cool. I got this.”

5 minutes left and no heart rate drops!


Heck yeah, I’ll try the bouncy seat. The 5-point harness is my new thing.

Perhaps you noticed that there are NO FEEDING TUBES in any of these pics! This morning the doc got a wild hair and told the nurse to yank ’em both and see how they did on just bottles all day. Nora made up a lot of ground today, trying like hell to catch up to her sister. She even took a couple full feeds (2 oz!) by bottle. I mean, I can’t really blame her. I’d eat a lot more if I didn’t have a tube up my nose anymore, too.

So all of this means that our little ladies are on the fast track to hittin the road!! The doc is going to monitor their feeding volumes and weight gains over the next couple days and they could be home as early as THIS WEEKEND! Yeah–we know. When we heard that we just about crapped our pants, too.

We’ll keep you posted….

Sara & Nick