The girls did some pre-surgery snuggling on Wednesday, serenaded by a lion cub dressed up like Erin-the-music-therapist.

Little Miss Bryn rolled up to the surgical floor with the stoicism of a soldier, and very little chance of being pried from mom and dad’s kung-fu grip.

Waiting on mom’s lap in pre-op room.

No WaY can they cut into this tiny baby…

After stalling as loooong as we could by asking the anesthesiologist 946 questions, we had to make a decision between a spinal block or general anesthesia. There were risks and benefits of going either route, and it was an almost impossible choice: intubate her tiny airway and use powerful drugs to put our girl to sleep, or carefully insert a needle between her teeny tiny vertebrae to numb her from the waist down, keeping her awake during the procedure. I asked the surgeon if he was sure we couldn’t just use reflexology or qigong to gently coax the hernia back in, and was he REALLY a surgeon or just someone DRESSED as a surgeon for Halloween, but he just snapped his gloves and looked at his watch (were my stalling tactics getting to be too much?). Despite my last 2 experiences with the spinal block (how could you forget??), we decided to avoid the intubation and drugs and go with the spinal for our girl. Something about the idea of her sucking away on her nook, eyes wide open, oblivious to the slicing and dicing going on down below was more comforting to us than the tube down her throat, which we’d already seen twice and were fine with never seeing again. Then it was go time, and we had to say goodbye to our little nugget. With her cute, innocent cheeks (hold up–did we have the right baby?? When did Bryn get cheeks??), I just wanted to eat her up. In my panicked state it actually crossed my mind that if I DID eat her, they couldn’t take her–HA! But we knew we had to be “strong parents” and so we let them rip her out of our Bryn-sandwich-vice-grip. Seriously, I can’t believe some parents have to do this multiple times with their kids. I’m already dreading her wisdom teeth removal in 16 years, and that’s just gas, right??

Nick and I settled into the waiting room and watched Giada make red velvet cake pops. A half hour later (what?? they can’t be done?! maybe they changed their mind because she was so cute!!) the surgeon came and said it was all done and she did great. He had shoved her ovary back in, sewn up the hernia hole, and then did the other side just in case–sweet, a BOGO! We waited another 8 years before she was out of recovery and we could finally see her.

Little Bryn–all there, minus a hernia

Whew. Done. The rest of the day, it was like she’d never had surgery. She slammed an entire feed by bottle shortly after, and they pulled her IV out since she wouldn’t be needing any fluids if she was going to scarf down her own feeds. Nora looked on lazily from her side of the room, where a nurse was wiggling a bottle around her limp mouth (don’t MAKE me get out the sharpie, young lady!). She gave her sister a wink as she let her mother’s hard work dribble out the side of her mouth and disappear into her double chin. COME ON, NORA!!

Yesterday, the girls got a visit from their Great Grampa Saterstrom!

We know it wasn’t easy, but we’re so glad you made the trip, Grampa!

We wish Grandma and Grampa Flantz, Windschitl, Hansen and Grama Saterstrom could have been here, too. =(

Since the girls are only 2 days away from their due date (!), and they have been such obedient patients, the nurse thought it was appropriate that they finally get some legit playtime. She ordered a mat, some blankets and some boppies and Bryn and Nora (ok, mom and dad) had the time of their little lives!

Car seat tests on Monday! Today the doc said she definitely didn’t think they would be here more than 2 more weeks. And we’re totally holding her to it.


Sara & Nick