It seems like we’ve been saying the girls will be home “in a couple weeks” for about 6 weeks now. Come on, ladies. Just. Eat. With. Your. Mouths. Please. The first 2 months in the hospital seemed to fly by, but the last 4 weeks have definitely slowed waaaay down.  We’ve lost count of the hours that have passed with us wiggling bottles around in passed-out-baby mouths, begging them to wake up and eat. Our go-to strategies (singing inappropriate rap songs, threatening to draw on their faces with sharpie marker, and telling them stories about how AMAZING their pimped-out cribs are at home) now elicit nothing but milk-drunk eye rolls. To be fair, both are making progress, and Nora was piiiiissed about that blog post last week, so she has sucked down a few impressive feeds to shove in our faces. But we’re not gonna lie. We’re ready to blow this popsicle stand. Even the girls are getting cranky.

In order to light a fire under her cute little baby bum, the doc suggested a 12-hr trial with no feeding tube feeds for Nora. We would only feed her when she woke up and acted rip-roaring hungry. I mean, it made sense. For the girls, sucking milk out of a bottle for 30 minutes is the equivalent to us doing 30 mins of P90X. When you know it’s just gonna get pumped into your stomach every 3 hours, why break a sweat? A minimum goal was set for the 12 hour stretch, which if she met, Nora would continue on bottle-only feeds. She ended up about 45 mL short of the goal, but her bum definitely showed signs of being held over a fire. =) YEAH, GIRL! Let’s get this show on the ROAD!

The doc definitely sensed our impatience this week, so she suggested going ahead with the girls’ car seat tests. This is one of the get-out-of-jail tests they have to pass. It seemed a little premature to us, but she told us to go ahead and bring in our car seats. Now, those of you that know Nick, know that he has had the car seat bases installed in his car since the girls were wee embryos (like, April), so he was PUMPED to test them out. The dry run went well, and the empty car seats made it all the way to the hospital safely without having a meltdown or spitting up.

Now after 85 days in the hospital, we’re pretty much on a first-name basis with about 12 staff people that we see before we even get to the girls’ room. So of COURSE when they all saw us walking in with empty car seats, they got all excited and started congratulating us for FINALLY being able to go home! After crushing their hopes and dreams with the reality that we’re NOT going home yet, we made it to the girls’ room, only to find out car seat tests had been postponed.

Bryn has an inguinal hernia. =( Surgery is set for Wednesday.

Hear that? Yeah, that’s the wind being taken out of our sails. Seriously? We’re like 3 bottles away from making a clean break and we gotta put our almost-5lb nugget under general anesthesia?? Not. Cool.

So here are the (sorta) positives:

1. It’s very common for preemies to have hernias, and a very common and routine surgery.

2. The surgery is quick, and the recovery typically very short and easy.

3. This shouldn’t set Bryn back in her awesome feeding progress.

4. Afterwards, she’ll be free to push out insanely huge poops without further risking pushing her innards through her abdominal wall. Girlfriend already has a 6-pack from some of these purple-faced pushes.

So now let’s focus on the real disappointment here. Bryn is going to miss Halloween. This is a mandatory Windschitl holiday, and we can’t have our girl missing her first one! So0oo–Tuesday will be Halloween in room 3128. We’re gonna party it up in style, and have already bribed the nurses to let the girls take a little un-wired lap around the ICC in their costumes. They’re gonna be so cute, that nurses and doctors are going to be throwing candy at them. Maybe if we load Bryn up tomorrow night, she’ll have such a big sugar crash she won’t need any anesthesia on Wednesday! Genius!

Both girls had their final head ultrasounds today, and neither one have any pregnancies in their brains.


Bryn has her weekly ret-cam exam tomorrow. She is still hanging out at stage 2 ROP, so we’re really hoping to see improvement this week.

So I guess this is what we get for being “bored” the last couple of weeks, huh? (Dangit!) Please keep throwin’ out those prayers for our little Bryn, especially this Wednesday. Little nugget needs ’em, but mom and dad might need them even more. Not too thrilled to see our girl going into surgery. =..(