So you’ve probably figured out by now which one of us is the germ police (hint: starts with an N and ends with ick). I know we have preemies, and when preemies get sick it means hospital stays, so I get it. But I just wanna show off these bada$$ babes to the world already! One of the ICC’s rules are that no kids can visit, and I get that too, but recently I broke the rules and snuck some cuties in…..via FACETIME!! Check out my awesome third graders!

Nora, loving the picture Nancy drew for her

Thanks to A2 for workin the ipad/smartboard setup in the classroom, Becky for being iphone holder on my end, Jackie for being my long term sub, and Anne Grace for being the best intern I never had (sorry, AG! I blame the babes!). =)

You’re probably wondering how much these HUGE babies weigh now, aren’t you? Nora weighed in today at 6lbs 9oz and Bryn at 4lbs 10oz! Since Bryn hit the 2 kilo mark last week, both girls got their first immunizations. Mom and dad sat this one out, choosing instead to imagine the serum being administered via little butterflies licking their chubby thighs. Bryn must not have taken very well to the butterflies, because the next day she was back on her nasal canula (insert BIG sad face here). Apparently this is common for the little ones after they get shots (and Bryn was BARELY over the 2kilo weight minimum. She hung out at 1.9999999999kg for a couple days, cleverly timing her huge poops for right before weigh-in time in order to avoid hitting the 2kg requirement for shots–atta girl!). In protest, she decided to remove “deep breathing” from her repertoire for a few hours, landing her back on O2. Nora sympathized by tapering her weight gains for a couple days to let little Bryn catch up. Well, no pity needed, sister, because not only did Bryn lose the canula after a brief 24 hours, but she also slammed an entire bottle at her next feeding! This was the first time EITHER of the girls had ever taken an entire feed by bottle. The last week or 2, they’ve both been lazily sipping down about 1/4 of their feeds by bottle/breast a few times a day, frustrating mom and dad because oral feeds are the ONLY thing standing between us and the outside world right now. But as of press time, Bryn has taken 2 full feeds orally, and is ahead of her big sister when it comes to total percentage of feeds taken orally! Hey-O! Scrappy little underdog Bryn could technically make it home before Nora if she keeps this up!

Have we told you about the awesome entertainment at Children’s? The Starz Studio in the lobby area has bingo, musical performances and guest entertainers almost daily, and it’s broadcasted live to patient rooms throughout the hospital. This mostly serves for entertainment for us, since the girls aren’t allowed to take field trips that far yet, and don’t have TVs in their cribs. But last week the ICC had THIS in their lobby area!

Pretty awesome, but again, a little farther than the girls’ wires would stretch. =( Finally, the girls got an in-room visit from the hospital’s music therapist! I just about crapped my pants when she walked in, because she just happened to be the same musician who Nick hired to play the piano in our backyard when he asked me to marry him!

Talk about things coming full circle. =) Erin, I fully expect you to randomly be the person playing Pomp and Circumstance at the girls’ graduation (in 2030….OMG! 2030!!?).

And because now I’m totally side tracked looking at photos from the day Nick proposed:

Girls, don’t act grossed out. See that twinkle in our eyes? That’s you!

Ok back to the babes’ other news tidbits of the week:

1. This week I squeezed Bryn into her first outfit from the NICU, which she was swimming in the first time she wore, and has now officially outgrown (sniff).

2. Both girls continue to dig bathtime. Nora even brought a friend into the tub this week (and yes, I did blur out her hooha in this pic).

3. I’m beginning to allow EITHER pink OR ruffles…but not simultaneously. And only in moderation.

4. The girls have memorized “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and are now onto “Llama Llama Red Pajama.”

We continue to sneak them into each other’s cribs and wait for them to do cute stuff to each other, but mostly end up with long videos of one or both sleeping. Got a little more excitement on this one (but you gotta hang on til the bitter end for it):

Seriously–when am I going to learn to turn my phone sideways?! Sorry.

Discharge date is up in the air again. Just gotta get rid of the feeding tubes! They keep saying one day a light will just go on for them and they’ll start slamming bottles like frat boys. We can’t wait.

Ret cams for both girls again tomorrow. Bryn’s scan last week showed continued stage 1-2 ROP. It could still go away on its own. Keep prayin’!