Each week we’re always looking for one step forward–either something the girls are doing to grow, or something that they lose. Bryn has always seemed to be a step behind her big sister, but this week she decided she was ready to do some catching up. She started out by getting rid of her nasal canula! After a couple weeks of ups and downs with her forgetting to breathe, and her parents finally accepting that it’s just pretty typical for preemies, the doctors decided to slowly ween her off the airflow and see how she did. As they decreased the amount of air each day, we could almost hear Bryn say, “OMG. FINALLY!” (That’s how I would imagine her saying it when she’s 14). All of a sudden she was having NO spells at all, and continues to rock it Gangnam style. Being off that canula made her lungs do a dance like this one.

Bryn was also tired of living in her cramped plastic box. Looking through the plexiglass at her sister in her big girl bed was motivation for her to start packing on the grams so she could hit 1800–the magic number for getting sprung from her isolette.

Bye bye isolette!

Nora took a 5 foot field trip over to her sister to give her a a big high five.

Sara loves a good fish taco.

Both girls have been on the move when it comes to gaining weight. Bryn is just over 4lbs and Nora is pushing 6! Pretty incredible to see pictures of those first few weeks. In fact, we just got their pictures in the mail today from the Mother Baby Center photo shoot in August. Can you believe this was Nora?!

She looks a little different now, doesn’t she?

With all these huge milestones being accomplished, it seemed fitting that it was time for their grandparents to finally get to hold them. Of course, there were a few reservations. I am slightly neurotic about keeping them completely safe and healthy. I would love to keep them in a bubble, but the reality is that they needed that grandparent lovin.’


So, with their continued growth and development, the girls have been cruisin’ along, and we’ve been content in Preemie Fantasy Land. Then, BAM. The doctor threw us an estimate of Nora’s discharge date. As excited as we were to find out that she might be ready to go home in 2-3 weeks, I almost pooped my pants. Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t post anything further about poop, but I really did almost poop my pants.  And now, after Bryn’s kick ass week of milestones, they’re thinking she won’t be very far behind, if at all. She still has a few more hurdles, but none of them will prevent her from going home. One of those hurdles was her recent ret-cam exam, which showed some mild ROP (retinopathy of prematurity). It is stage 1, which corrects itself in the majority of cases, but she will have more frequent eye exams to keep an “eye” on things. We’re continuing to stay positive, but wanted to ask for some extra prayers from all our warriors out there.

Bryn and Nora love visitors! Thanks to those of you who have come by the hospital to cheer on our girls. Now that cold and flu season is upon us, the hospital has stricter health screening for visitors, and since I am also slightly neurotic, I will lovingly reinforce them here in this blog.

1. If you are sick, have recently been sick, or have been around a sick person in the last 48 hours, please save your visit for later.

2. Unfortunately, because it is RSV season, and we have premature babies, the doctors are recommending that nobody outside immediate family touch or hold the girls. Trust us–the MINUTE RSV season is over (May), we will be thrusting babies into your arms!

3. Even though visitors can’t touch or hold the babies, please help us keep their environment as germ-free as possible by foaming when you arrive at the hospital, using the handwashing machine when you enter the ICC, and then foaming when you enter the girls’ room.

All of this being said, visitors are absolutely welcome! Sara is there in the mornings and we are both there in the evenings. Generally we like to keep the visits to about 30 minutes or less, as Sara has to whip out her boobs pretty often due to eating and pumping schedules.

Much love,