Well, hello there. It’s been a couple of weeks, hasn’t it? I’m sure you’re thinking that, if the girls have continued on their recent trajectory, this week they are probably teething, singing along with The Wiggles and fighting over equal bathroom time. Let us catch you up to speed, friends.

This past week, Nick and I have felt things get REAL. I think we might have said that before, but now we mean it. =) Up until now it’s felt like Preemie Fantasy Land, where we’ve been coming to visit these tiny little humans, put cute hats on them, take a ton of pics, laugh about their huge poops in their tiny diapers and watch them slowly get close to what we call “Almost Real Baby Size.” Several times this past week we found ourselves in disbelief that these babies are the same ones we held 9 weeks ago in pictures like this one:

The crazy realness is that the girls are now 36 weeks gestational age, which is a pretty normal gestation for twins to be born. I remember being in the hospital just trying to make it to the magical “out-of-the-woods” week #28, docs telling us daily how each day I could keep them cooking decreased their chances of a myriad of issues. During my jailtime, a nurse practitioner from Children’s NICU came to visit us and brought us a booklet published by Children’s that contained a bunch of bar graphs, showing babies’ odds of having things like Necrotizing Enterocolitis, Retinopathy of Prematurity, and Bronchopulmonary Displaysia if they were born at each gestational week between weeks 22 and 28. Everything pretty much dropped to a 0% chance at 28 weeks. Pretty intimidating stuff, considering I was only 24 weeks at the time, and already having occasional contractions. After delivering her spirit-shattering info, Nick and I both a little deer-in-headlights-ish, I imagined her saying, “SOOoooo, keep those babies in there, mm k?! (evil smile).” Each day that a new doc rounded, I asked them what they thought my chances were of making it to 28 weeks. They tried to seem optimistic, but they would all say things like, “Let’s get you to 25 (or 26, or 27) weeks first!” They all agreed that if I could make it to 32, they didn’t care what I did–off roading ATV trip, rollercoasters, re-live my jump rope team days (don’t judge)– the babes would be fine if they came anytime after that. In the end, we were a week short of the magic number. But here we are at 36 WEEKS–deep into the safety zone and out of Preemie Fantasy Land. So when I get emails like this from websites I’m subscribed to that still think I’m pregnant,

I just think, “BAH! Due date, schmue date.” Nora and Bryn were always meant to be 27 weekers. How true is this?!

(Thank you, Shelley Heck from Etsy! http://www.etsy.com/people/Houseof3?ref=ls_profile).

Also, when I hold both of these largish-nuggets, I cannot picture them both still fitting in my belly. Fist pumps to my twin mom friends who carried to term. New. Respect.

Ok, enough of this waxing poetic. I mean, who do I think I am? Nick? =)

Onto the babies!

Miss Bryn has been pretty damn scrappy these last few days. Tired of being the underdog, she has spent her time packin’ on the grams and breathing like a champ. The docs are weaning her off of her nasal canula, and in the last week she has gone from a full Liter of airflow to 3/4L, then 1/2L and is currently hanging out at 1/4L! She’s holding up her end of the bargain by remembering to breathe ALL the time and should be completely off the canula by week’s end. What WHAT! But she’s not stopping there. Today Bryn surprised EveRYoNe by sucking down almost a FULL FEED by bottle. The doc had said last week that we could give it a try just for shits and giggles and see if she’d take anything. Well, check out this little rockstar:

Yeah, Bryn! (note to self: turn my friggin iphone sideways when taking videos)

The nurses are also slowly lowering the temperature inside her isolette to see how she does regulating her own temperature. She is almost 1700 grams, and at 1800 grams she will hopefully get her big girl bed, just like her sister.

Here are some sweet Bryn shots from the last week:

Both girls had their second eye exams last week.

And both got the results the docs expected, since they are still pretty little–“immature development”–but this time to Zone 2, which is an improvement from their first exam where the vessels in their eyes had only developed into Zone 1. They’ll have another exam next week.

Nora is truckin’ along, just being Nora. Consistent weight gains, good poops, cute cheeks. She has also added some occasional breastfeeding to her repertoire.

5lb 4oz man eater.

Baby girl’s first sign–mom! =) Naturally.

How ridiculous are these hats? Thanks Auntie Peggy!

Thanks for your continued prayers–they’re driving this bus!