Nick and I have debated making more frequent posts, so as not to overwhelm you with SO MANY AWESOME MILESTONES in each post =), but the girls seem to knock something out of the park daily and we can barely keep up!Did Nora’s picture look a little clearer to you? Maybe because it wasn’t taken through isolette plexiglass! That’s right–our 4lb nugget is now in a BIG GIRL BED!

Couple of highlights to point out in the video below:

1. Nora’s resemblance to Ralfie from “A Christmas Story” (“I can’t put my arms down!”)

2. Step-by-step instructions from a registered nurse on how to make Taco Bell’s beefy 5 layer burrito using nothing but a beefy baby and lots of blankets

3. Bonus footage of my obsession with making sure the girls’ mouths are goober-free.

So here’s a review:

The girls also FINALLY got to properly introduce themselves to their grandparents via real handshakes. (Not sure why Bryn got all the press on this one)

In gastro-intestinal news, Nora got her first non-gavage feeding! She sucked down a whopping 24mLs of milk, impressing the nurses with her ability to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing simultaneously at less than 34 weeks gestational age! And because she is an overachiever (and a show off), she even burped herself–no assistance needed. Seriously, girl?!

And because it was a big week for Nora, and she got a lot of press in this post, Bryn put on a little performance for your entertainment. She also asked that we point out her GPA, which a nurse kindly wrote on her nasal gavage tag.

We’re rooting for next week being Bryn’s week. She’s been pulling some funny bizness this week with her oxygen saturations, just trying to steal some spotlight back from her sister. So say a prayer for little Bryn (and send some knock-it-off vibes =).

A special thanks to all of you who have brought us meals this last month. There would have been a LOT of pb&j sandwiches goin’ on up in here without you guys! Coming home late in the evening to a full meal wrapped up on our doorstep has moved us to tears some nights. You are wonderful, wonderful people, and we love you (and your culinary skills) to the moon and back.