The girls have had a busy week making themselves known in the ICC. They’ve totally won over the nurses with their stylish hats, fantastic room decor and awesome vitals.
Nora is on a race to the 4lb mark, weighing in this week at 3lbs 14 oz. She has also grown 2 inches since birth (which would be the equivalent of me growing 9 inches in 6 weeks–omg) and is now 15.6 inches long.

Little Miss Bryn has more than DOUBLED her body weight since birth! Today our little porkchop is 2lbs 10oz. She has also grown 2 inches and is now 13.6 inches long. That’s like 3 iPhones lined up if you need a visual. =)

Nora is now getting 30mL of milk every 3 hours (about 6tsp) and Bryn is getting 22mL (about 4.5tsp). I try to slip Bryn a pb M&M here and there when the nurses aren’t looking. C’mon girl–we gotta catch you up!

As of tonight, Bryn is now on the smallest amount of air in her nasal canula (1/2 Liter) until we give it a go without in a few days! The next step for Miss Nora will be moving out of the isolette and into a big girl bed so she can start regulating her own body temp. Before we know it she’ll be asking us to walk 5yds behind her at the mall. (*sniff*)

Bryn was being extra photogenic tonight after her bath.

And just when we though it wasn’t possible to fit any more cuteness into 2 1/2lbs of baby, she did this:

Oh, and we taught Nora how to wave:

Thanks to those of you who continue to send fun/heartfelt/hilarious emails to the girls–it totally makes their day! We print them and post them in their room, and nurses who don’t even take care of them stop in daily to see if there’s any new material. It’s quite the hot spot in the ICC. =) Keep ’em coming!