It’s been a great week, filled with lots of stuff going on in the lives of my babies. After seeing the girls in their birthday suits for the last 37 days, on Monday, we witnessed two unidentifiable nuggets lying in our babies’ isolettes, wearing ladybug outfits. After further investigation (smelling their diapers), I immediately knew that these were our girls!

They looked so cute, I just wanted to stuff them in my pocket, bring them home, put them in a jar, and watch them go through metamorphosis like my kindergartners do. They are amazing, and seeing them in clothes made me think about them coming home sooner rather than later. I mean, they’re wearing CLOTHES!

The second major event of the week was giving our babies baths. Their first REAL baths. Not a sponge bath. A tub bath. And everyone knows I love a good tub. Not as much as Josh Brix, but still. Baths. Just one more thing that real babies do.

Bryn with no nasal canula or wires! Just for the bath =)

Nora takes up a lot more tub than her little sister


You know what else they do like real babies? Pee in the bath. Just like Ryan Lochte, my girls are markin’ their territory. These girls were born during the height of the olympics and as far as I’m concerned, they’ve earned gold medals in synchronized bathing.

After their baths, we had to change them out of their cute ladybug outfits and into other standard-issue NICU attire. The nurse was so proud of herself for finding matching outfits, which just happened to be pink.This made Sara throw up in her mouth a little bit. I, on the other hand, loved that my girls were going to wear pink. They’re cute. And they’re my princesses. Me saying “princesses” is also going to make Sara throw up in her mouth a little bit.

Like mom like daughter??

Please, no photos.

If you look closely, you’ll also see the nurse stuck pink bows to their heads. At this point, Sara had to step out of the room for some air. They don’t get a wardrobe change until they soil themselves, which I thought would come soon, knowing Bryn’s tendencies, but they are on day 2! I swear I saw Sara wiping a dirty diaper on their clothes last night.

The most exciting event of the week came today, when we found out they were going to be graduating from the NICU and moving to the ICC (infant care center), which is a level 2 nursery for stable babies. Nora and Bryn’s next move will be home!  I’ve done 13 years’ worth of kindergarten graduations and seen the emotional experience of parents witnessing their children growing up right before their eyes. Today I got my first taste of that experience.

Hey Suckas! Say goodbye to my old NICU room!

Will poop for food

Kris, an awesome NICU nurse, made these cute caps

The move from the NICU to ICC was not far, so I wasn’t tempted to pull out the portable DVD player. However, I did hear the girls squeak a little bit and I’m pretty sure I heard them say, “Are we there yet?”  to which I should have responded, “Don’t make me pull this isolette over!”


Girls get to share a room! Better get used to it. They were getting pretty spoiled in their own rooms in the NICU. Would have been a big disappointment when they got home to their tight South Minneapolis quarters!

After the girls were settled in, we decided we needed a family photo (and I also felt like it was about time we got another picture of my hairy chest on this blog).

Although the events of this blog post are very bright, we also know that the road ahead may have a few more bumps. But for now, they are considered “feeders and growers,” and that’s a good thing. Today Bryn is 2lbs 6oz and Nora is 3lbs 5oz!

Thank you for your continued prayers. They are being answered!

Much love,