We can’t believe it. Our girls are 1 month (ok, negative 9 weeks) old, and together weigh almost as much as one (still pretty small) real baby! In our last post, you may recall that Nora joined the kilo club. Well, we are a family that celebrates both metric AND standard measurement milestones, because we are very international-minded. We’re also just really cool and love parties. On Tuesday, porkchop (Bryn) hit the 2 POUND mark! She is officially as big as her sister was at birth.

She doesn’t look too excited in this picture, but let me assure you, Porkchop celebrated her 2 poundedness with gusto, just before this picture was taken. The reason mom didn’t capture this moment on film was because mom was covered in Porkchop’s poo explosion. I know, I know, I know. Nick already talked about poo ad nauseum, and we STILL swear we aren’t going to be “those” parents, but I’m telling you. You need this story in your life:

Picture this innocent little 2lb nugget:

Now picture this end of her, shooting a projectile poo right at her daddy’s photo on her isolette, as mom holds up her tiny little legs to slide a diaper under her bum.

Both the nurse and I dove for cover, even though the isolette plexiglass (God bless it) shielded us from the majority of the explosion. I told her to call in the hazmat team, but she just laughed and handed me a sh*tload of wipes.

If this is what 2lb Bryn is capable of, what will 10lb Bryn do?? We’re totally taking an isolette (or 2) home with us for diaper changes.

In Nora news, baby girl got rid of her nasal canula (for GOOD this time!), got a bath, and got inked! In celebration of all the adhesive finally coming off her face again, Nick gave her the longest. Most tedious. Sponge bath. Ever. If pictures were minutes, each one of these would be 5.

No more nasal canula also means…..

MORE DOUBLE KANGAROO! (in their cool new grama hansen hats)

Hand holding close-up (unassisted again–I swear):

Nora got a (temporary) tattoo around her belly button, not only because she is a trendsetter, but also because the doc thought it looked a little gnarly and wanted to see if the redness was expanding.

Turned out to be nothing. Girlfriend just likes to keep us on our toes. Little shyster.

Both girls had their 1 month head ultrasounds, and both got excellent noggin reports. They also had their first eye exams, which consisted of getting dilating drops, getting wrapped up like cute little baby burritos, having their eyelids pried open with tiny scary clamps, and then getting pics taken of their retinas.

Both of them got standard preemie results: immature retina development. Repeat test in 3 weeks. Right now they can only really see shadows. So Nick and I are entertaining them with super elaborate shadow puppets so they get really smart in the meantime.

We’d like to give a huge shout out to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. They are ridiculously awesome at taking care of babies. And even better at making cookies.


Keep on rockin, Children’s!


Sara & Nick