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Nick and I have debated making more frequent posts, so as not to overwhelm you with SO MANY AWESOME MILESTONES in each post =), but the girls seem to knock something out of the park daily and we can barely keep up!Did Nora’s picture look a little clearer to you? Maybe because it wasn’t taken through isolette plexiglass! That’s right–our 4lb nugget is now in a BIG GIRL BED!

Couple of highlights to point out in the video below:

1. Nora’s resemblance to Ralfie from “A Christmas Story” (“I can’t put my arms down!”)

2. Step-by-step instructions from a registered nurse on how to make Taco Bell’s beefy 5 layer burrito using nothing but a beefy baby and lots of blankets

3. Bonus footage of my obsession with making sure the girls’ mouths are goober-free.

So here’s a review:

The girls also FINALLY got to properly introduce themselves to their grandparents via real handshakes. (Not sure why Bryn got all the press on this one)

In gastro-intestinal news, Nora got her first non-gavage feeding! She sucked down a whopping 24mLs of milk, impressing the nurses with her ability to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing simultaneously at less than 34 weeks gestational age! And because she is an overachiever (and a show off), she even burped herself–no assistance needed. Seriously, girl?!

And because it was a big week for Nora, and she got a lot of press in this post, Bryn put on a little performance for your entertainment. She also asked that we point out her GPA, which a nurse kindly wrote on her nasal gavage tag.

We’re rooting for next week being Bryn’s week. She’s been pulling some funny bizness this week with her oxygen saturations, just trying to steal some spotlight back from her sister. So say a prayer for little Bryn (and send some knock-it-off vibes =).

A special thanks to all of you who have brought us meals this last month. There would have been a LOT of pb&j sandwiches goin’ on up in here without you guys! Coming home late in the evening to a full meal wrapped up on our doorstep has moved us to tears some nights. You are wonderful, wonderful people, and we love you (and your culinary skills) to the moon and back.




The girls have had a busy week making themselves known in the ICC. They’ve totally won over the nurses with their stylish hats, fantastic room decor and awesome vitals.
Nora is on a race to the 4lb mark, weighing in this week at 3lbs 14 oz. She has also grown 2 inches since birth (which would be the equivalent of me growing 9 inches in 6 weeks–omg) and is now 15.6 inches long.

Little Miss Bryn has more than DOUBLED her body weight since birth! Today our little porkchop is 2lbs 10oz. She has also grown 2 inches and is now 13.6 inches long. That’s like 3 iPhones lined up if you need a visual. =)

Nora is now getting 30mL of milk every 3 hours (about 6tsp) and Bryn is getting 22mL (about 4.5tsp). I try to slip Bryn a pb M&M here and there when the nurses aren’t looking. C’mon girl–we gotta catch you up!

As of tonight, Bryn is now on the smallest amount of air in her nasal canula (1/2 Liter) until we give it a go without in a few days! The next step for Miss Nora will be moving out of the isolette and into a big girl bed so she can start regulating her own body temp. Before we know it she’ll be asking us to walk 5yds behind her at the mall. (*sniff*)

Bryn was being extra photogenic tonight after her bath.

And just when we though it wasn’t possible to fit any more cuteness into 2 1/2lbs of baby, she did this:

Oh, and we taught Nora how to wave:

Thanks to those of you who continue to send fun/heartfelt/hilarious emails to the girls–it totally makes their day! We print them and post them in their room, and nurses who don’t even take care of them stop in daily to see if there’s any new material. It’s quite the hot spot in the ICC. =) Keep ’em coming!



It’s been a great week, filled with lots of stuff going on in the lives of my babies. After seeing the girls in their birthday suits for the last 37 days, on Monday, we witnessed two unidentifiable nuggets lying in our babies’ isolettes, wearing ladybug outfits. After further investigation (smelling their diapers), I immediately knew that these were our girls!

They looked so cute, I just wanted to stuff them in my pocket, bring them home, put them in a jar, and watch them go through metamorphosis like my kindergartners do. They are amazing, and seeing them in clothes made me think about them coming home sooner rather than later. I mean, they’re wearing CLOTHES!

The second major event of the week was giving our babies baths. Their first REAL baths. Not a sponge bath. A tub bath. And everyone knows I love a good tub. Not as much as Josh Brix, but still. Baths. Just one more thing that real babies do.

Bryn with no nasal canula or wires! Just for the bath =)

Nora takes up a lot more tub than her little sister


You know what else they do like real babies? Pee in the bath. Just like Ryan Lochte, my girls are markin’ their territory. These girls were born during the height of the olympics and as far as I’m concerned, they’ve earned gold medals in synchronized bathing.

After their baths, we had to change them out of their cute ladybug outfits and into other standard-issue NICU attire. The nurse was so proud of herself for finding matching outfits, which just happened to be pink.This made Sara throw up in her mouth a little bit. I, on the other hand, loved that my girls were going to wear pink. They’re cute. And they’re my princesses. Me saying “princesses” is also going to make Sara throw up in her mouth a little bit.

Like mom like daughter??

Please, no photos.

If you look closely, you’ll also see the nurse stuck pink bows to their heads. At this point, Sara had to step out of the room for some air. They don’t get a wardrobe change until they soil themselves, which I thought would come soon, knowing Bryn’s tendencies, but they are on day 2! I swear I saw Sara wiping a dirty diaper on their clothes last night.

The most exciting event of the week came today, when we found out they were going to be graduating from the NICU and moving to the ICC (infant care center), which is a level 2 nursery for stable babies. Nora and Bryn’s next move will be home!  I’ve done 13 years’ worth of kindergarten graduations and seen the emotional experience of parents witnessing their children growing up right before their eyes. Today I got my first taste of that experience.

Hey Suckas! Say goodbye to my old NICU room!

Will poop for food

Kris, an awesome NICU nurse, made these cute caps

The move from the NICU to ICC was not far, so I wasn’t tempted to pull out the portable DVD player. However, I did hear the girls squeak a little bit and I’m pretty sure I heard them say, “Are we there yet?”  to which I should have responded, “Don’t make me pull this isolette over!”


Girls get to share a room! Better get used to it. They were getting pretty spoiled in their own rooms in the NICU. Would have been a big disappointment when they got home to their tight South Minneapolis quarters!

After the girls were settled in, we decided we needed a family photo (and I also felt like it was about time we got another picture of my hairy chest on this blog).

Although the events of this blog post are very bright, we also know that the road ahead may have a few more bumps. But for now, they are considered “feeders and growers,” and that’s a good thing. Today Bryn is 2lbs 6oz and Nora is 3lbs 5oz!

Thank you for your continued prayers. They are being answered!

Much love,


We can’t believe it. Our girls are 1 month (ok, negative 9 weeks) old, and together weigh almost as much as one (still pretty small) real baby! In our last post, you may recall that Nora joined the kilo club. Well, we are a family that celebrates both metric AND standard measurement milestones, because we are very international-minded. We’re also just really cool and love parties. On Tuesday, porkchop (Bryn) hit the 2 POUND mark! She is officially as big as her sister was at birth.

She doesn’t look too excited in this picture, but let me assure you, Porkchop celebrated her 2 poundedness with gusto, just before this picture was taken. The reason mom didn’t capture this moment on film was because mom was covered in Porkchop’s poo explosion. I know, I know, I know. Nick already talked about poo ad nauseum, and we STILL swear we aren’t going to be “those” parents, but I’m telling you. You need this story in your life:

Picture this innocent little 2lb nugget:

Now picture this end of her, shooting a projectile poo right at her daddy’s photo on her isolette, as mom holds up her tiny little legs to slide a diaper under her bum.

Both the nurse and I dove for cover, even though the isolette plexiglass (God bless it) shielded us from the majority of the explosion. I told her to call in the hazmat team, but she just laughed and handed me a sh*tload of wipes.

If this is what 2lb Bryn is capable of, what will 10lb Bryn do?? We’re totally taking an isolette (or 2) home with us for diaper changes.

In Nora news, baby girl got rid of her nasal canula (for GOOD this time!), got a bath, and got inked! In celebration of all the adhesive finally coming off her face again, Nick gave her the longest. Most tedious. Sponge bath. Ever. If pictures were minutes, each one of these would be 5.

No more nasal canula also means…..

MORE DOUBLE KANGAROO! (in their cool new grama hansen hats)

Hand holding close-up (unassisted again–I swear):

Nora got a (temporary) tattoo around her belly button, not only because she is a trendsetter, but also because the doc thought it looked a little gnarly and wanted to see if the redness was expanding.

Turned out to be nothing. Girlfriend just likes to keep us on our toes. Little shyster.

Both girls had their 1 month head ultrasounds, and both got excellent noggin reports. They also had their first eye exams, which consisted of getting dilating drops, getting wrapped up like cute little baby burritos, having their eyelids pried open with tiny scary clamps, and then getting pics taken of their retinas.

Both of them got standard preemie results: immature retina development. Repeat test in 3 weeks. Right now they can only really see shadows. So Nick and I are entertaining them with super elaborate shadow puppets so they get really smart in the meantime.

We’d like to give a huge shout out to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. They are ridiculously awesome at taking care of babies. And even better at making cookies.


Keep on rockin, Children’s!


Sara & Nick