Look at how much the girls have grown in the past week!

Ok, ok. These are clearly not our twins. Ours wouldn’t choke like these 2 did when asked to do their dancing trick live on the Today Show. Oooo!

Nora and Bryn ARE on their way to stardom in the bodyweight category, however! Check it out!

You read that right–Nora has officially joined the Kilo club! Both girls have gained about a half a pound in the last 3 weeks. Pretty significant, considering that’s almost half of Bryn’s birth weight. So let’s say you weigh 150lbs. Imagine packing on 75 L-Bs in 3 weeks! No wonder these little ladies sleep so much. You’d be tired, too, porky.

Our friend Carrie, who is a chef, and likes to think of weight in food terms, says that Bryn is about 3 porkchops. Do I feel a new nickname brewing?

Hey there, Porkchop!

Nora looks especially chubby in this picture, so we’re totally posting it! (Again, probably not the criteria she’ll use for choosing her Facebook photos in the future).

You might notice that Nora has a new accessory–a low flow nasal canula. Her milk feedings are up to 24mLs/3hrs and she is also getting little baby protein shakes, as well as some extra calories mixed in with her milk. All this chow fills up her little belly so much that sometimes it makes it hard for her to breathe. When the doc told us this, Nick and I looked at each other in confusion–“what? you’re not supposed to feel that way after meals? oh…” Nick asked if we could get hooked up with some oxygen after mauing on the awesome face-sized peanut butter cookies from the hospital cafeteria, but the doc didn’t seem amused.

Other than that, the girls don’t have any “sexy” medical stuff going on right now. Just beefin’ up one day at a time.

In other news, the girls’ walls are getting totally decked out with your awesomeness.




We haven’t put everything up yet, so if you sent something and it’s not there yet, cool your jets! Maybe we’re just saving the best for last. =)

Yesterday, the girls also received their first mix tapes! Thanks, Stephawie!

Eye exams and head ultrasounds on the agenda for this week. The doc is expecting nothing but awesomeness. So are we. (But throw a few extra prayers in anyway).


Sara & Nick