Yesterday, the Twinschitl sisters got to hang out in the same room together for the first time (well, except for the 26 weeks they were wombmates)!

With Nora off her nasal canula air flow and all IVs, it was no big deal to unhook her few remaining monitor wires for awhile and stroll her over to Bryn’s room (yes, I did consider tucking her in my pocket and making a run for it). Miss Bryn told the neonatologist that enough was enough and it was really uncool how far ahead of her Nora was in the breathing department. She demanded that she be extubated, and now sister is on just the nasal canula with room air–no extra oxygen–and is also IV-free!  Big strides for our tiny girls yesterday. =)


Ok, I might have forced their tiny little hands together in this photo, but after awhile Nora was grabbing for Bryn on her own!

Unassisted–I swear

In addition to being CDC (chief diaper changer) when the girls get home, Nick will also be handling all breastfeeding duties.

Aaaaand, my favorite shot of the day:

Bryn missed Nick’s luscious chest curls these last few days. Gimme a fistful, big papa! Aahhhhhhhhhh…

Nick and I decided to venture out to church last night. It was the outdoor service–our favorite of the year. We were overwhelmed by the number of people–many we had never met!–who came up to tell us how excited they are about our little girls’ progress and that they’ve been keeping them in their prayers. It’s just amazing to us how much these little 2lb nuggets are loved by all these people who have never even met them. We love you, Upper Room!

It’s been a great week. Lots of big leaps for our little ones. We know they have a long road ahead and not every day will be a good day, but we will always find something good in every day (and hopefully get it posted on here =).

Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support of our family; the emails, prayers, meals…  we appreciate it all more than you’ll ever know.


Sara & Nick