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Quick progress update:

Nora is officially off ALL her IVs, and has transitioned to only milk feedings! She’s also totally over the nasal canula. Patience, girlfriend.


When we arrived to visit today, monkey child had not only pulled her nasal canula completely out along with the super-strength tape on her face that was holding it on, but she also had it in her mouth and was gnawing on it like a 2lb 1 year old cutting teeth. She had also pulled off her Ray-Bans and was basking unprotected under the glow of her bili-lights. Oh, and her diaper was half way off. She was quite a sight.

I tried to distract her with a pacifier, and hulk child finally loosened her grip on the tubes and went to town on the nook.

Mom–seriously–I can hold it myself. I AM negative 11 weeks old. Geez.

The doc took one look at this feisty little nugget and decided to let her have a go without the nasal canula. So the only stuff attached to our girl is a nasal gavage (feeding tube in her nose), a temperature sensor, and 2 little respiratory sensors (the green, black and white wires in the pic). Folks, this little fully-functioning human is 2lbs. Two. Dos. Omg.

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At 12 days old, Nora is already showing her bilingual skills, choosing to use ASL until her feeding tube is out and it’s easier to speak clearly. For those of you not as smart as our girl, she is signing the number 8 in this picture, letting you know how proud she is that her little sister Bryn is up to 1lb 8 OUNCES today! YEAH, BRYN!

Bryn got to jump out for some kangaroo care yesterday, for the first time since last weekend when she was reintubated. We had a long overdue cuddlefest. I don’t have a picture of it, but she also conveyed a message to me in ASL–“Get this thing outta my trachea–I’m good now. For real.” After discussing Bryn’s request with the neonatologist, we were able to negotiate an approximate removal date of “later next week.”  Bryn accepted.

Bryn is also IV-free now, with just her PICC line left. She is back up to 7mL of milk every 3 hours and is tolerating it well. Every 12 hours her milk feedings will increase by 1mL. When she catches up to Nora at 17mL, she will also transition to only milk feedings and will lose the PICC line, too.



Nick and I get really giddy when a tube is removed (and I’m sure the babes don’t mind it either). It’s like one more little piece of cute baby is revealed every time.

Thanks again for your love and prayers–the 4 of us are pretty lucky to have you all in our corner.


Sara & Nick