After a rollercoaster of a weekend with little miss Bryn, the last couple of days have been nothing but giant leaps forward. I’ll enlighten you on the health updates of our little nuggets tonight, and tomorrow Nick will regale you with more whimsical thoughts on fatherhood. I can already see him trying to turn himself into the “fun” parent, leaving me to tell the girls, “No, you can’t have any ice cream. You don’t know how to regulate your body temperature yet.”

Nora is holding strong at her birth weight of 2lbs, after losing a few ounces since her birthday. She seems to have plans to jump from 2lbs straight to bantamweight boxer, as her feedings are up to 11 mL (just over 2 tsps) every 3 hours, and increase by 1mL every 12 hours. The doc also decreased the air flow in her nasal canula today, from 1.5 liters to 1 liter. She only has a couple minor “spells” a day where she forgets to breathe, but needs no intervention to get going again. As they continue to decrease her air flow, the spells will increase, as the part of babies’ brains that regulate breathing aren’t fully developed until 30 weeks (Bryn and Nora’s gestational age is 28 weeks 2 days), but this will force her to learn to regulate her breathing on her own. She also gets a few doses of Red Bull everyday to stimulate the breathing reflex (ok it’s caffeine in her IV, but it’s funnier to think of a baby slammin a Red Bull). The exciting part is that once she hits 17mL per feeding (which at this rate would be Friday!), they will start to wean her off the IV nutrition she is getting and transition her to solely milk feedings. How cool is THAT?

Bryn’s accomplishments might best be listed in bullet form today. Girlfriend is on a ROLL:

  1. Blood cultures negative for infection! Antibiotics discontinued.
  2. Head ultrasound negative for hemorrhage!
  3. Blood sugars stabilized, insulin stopped (no more heel pricks for blood sugar checks either!)
  4. Chest xrays showing the pocket of air in her chest cavity (that forced them to reintubate her) is not getting worse or dissecting to other areas
  5. PICC line successfully placed! (First attempt last week was unsuccessful because her veins are sooo tiny). Peripheral IVs will be taken out over the next couple of days, i.e. WAY fewer scary tubes all over our girl.
  6. Milk feedings re-started (1mL every 3 hours…Nora, stop teasing your sister. She’ll catch up.)
  7. Weight gain continues–little piglet is up to 1lb 7oz

We also got to re-start her oral feedings yesterday, and even with her little breathing tube, rockstar was suckin it down like a champ.

After the last few days, it was really nice to get a call from the doctor saying everything was rainbows and butterflies again. No doubt there will be more peaks and valleys over the next few months, but as long as we’re on a peak, we kinda feel like doing this:

I don’t really know how Scar fits into the analogy here, but I was too tired to crop his cranky pants out.



PS–keep those emails coming! We have some AMAZING notes and pics ready to plaster the girls’ walls with. Will share some winners in a blog post in the near future. You’ll probably pee your pants. I know Nora and Bryn will (it doesn’t take much).