Well, it’s starting to sink in.  Yes, I am a father!  I realize that this sounds crazy but have you ever thought about the fact that people make people?  I know that Sara had been pregnant for about 7 months, but I don’t think I ever let this sink in until now.  What’s even stranger is that people can accidentally make people. One of my favorite comedians named Tommy Johnagin made me aware of this.  No mom, this wasn’t an accident.  Actually, now that I think about it, Nora, you were totally 100% planned, but Bryn…. yes, you were an accident.  Ohh Bryn of 20 years, just relax.  It’s definitely not as bad as being a bastard child.  Your friends hopefully won’t look down upon you.  It’s not like we will be living in Edina, so you should be fine.

It really is crazy that people can accidentally make people.  I mean, what else can you accidentally do?  I wish I could accidentally put up these shelves that Sara has been asking me to put up for over a year.

You cannot accidentally do that, as it would require a screwdriver?  Level?  Maybe some screws too.  See!?  It would be hard to accidentally do that.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to respond to Sara’s question, “When are you going to put up those shelves?” with, “Actually, my love, last night I accidentally put them up!”

When I think about accidents, I normally think of a few mistakes that I have made in life.  Having a few too many beers with Brix and Walters and accidentally waking up with a hangover. Accidentally forgetting to pick things up from the store.  Accidentally forgetting where I put my keys, even though Sara made this hangy thing for me by the door.

Accidents are not normally associated with joy. However, Bryn or Nora (I’m not sure who was actually the accident since one egg split) has been the absolute best “accident.”  I cannot imagine my life without them.  The second best accident would be hanging those stinking shelves. But I will let you know when that happens.

Much love,