Just kidding, Grampa Greg. Bryn doesn’t have apnea. It’s just you again. 🙂

After we left the NICU last night, baby Bryn decided she hated the martian mask so much that she was going to continue her spells in protest. At about midnight, the neonatologist decided to put her back on the respirator. 😦 We knew this was highly possible for either of the girls, even though they were off their respirators within a few hours of birth, but it was still no fun getting the news. They did a chest x-ray, and found that Bryn had pneumomediastinum, which is air in the space in the middle of her chest, between her lungs. It should resolve itself, but she will most likely stay on the respirator for a week or so. So far it looks like no infection, so that was good news! The doc wanted to take out her umbilical line just in case, which was how she was getting her IV nutrition and antibiotics, so she now has a brand spankin’ new peripheral IV in her arm. As if that wasn’t enough tubing, they had to put in a SECOND peripheral IV in her foot to administer insulin because her blood sugars were a little high, because apparently you can’t run insulin through the same line as the antibiotics and nutrition. I asked if we could at least braid all the tubes together so girlfriend would feel pretty, but settled for a little bow on her head instead (we forgot to take a picture–will add one tomorrow). After all that activity last night, Bryn was in no mood to party today, but did give us a couple winks and finger-squeezes to reassure us she’s hangin in there.

Nora is up to just over a teaspoon of milk per feeding (8x/day!), so much so that her feedings take too long for a nurse to administer by hand all at once,  so now she has her own fancy milk machine.

We also still feed her about 1 mL by mouth (qtip) every 3 hours. Today she took her sweet ol’ time–she would NOT be rushed. Bryn’s milk feedings are on hold for now, so Nora feels entitled to take twice as long. Fair enough, sister. Fair enough.

Today was daddy’s turn for a kangaroo nap, so Nora jumped back into the jungle, grabbed a handful of hairy goodness and conked out for a good 2 hours (I did have to wipe the drool off of Nick’s chin a few times, too).

Tomorrow both girls get head ultrasounds to check for any bleeding in the brain (standard procedure with preemies). The doc says he’d be very surprised if they found anything, as neither of them have showed any signs of hemorrhage. It’s about time they were on the other side of an ultrasound. I think I had about 26 ultrasounds before these little ladies made their appearance. I wonder if the tech will say “cold gel!” before squirting it on their little noggins.

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will have pictures of Bryn breakdancing in her isolette!


Sara & Nick