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Nothin like givin’ a girl some fancy new duds when she’s feelin down–just what the doctor ordered. Bryn had a little bit of a rough day, keeping the nurses busy with her apnea “spells.” Little chest and back rubs would remind her that, oh yeah–breathing is important–and she’d get right back on it, but the increase in spells made the neonatologist want to err on the side of caution and draw some labs just in case she was brewing an infection. The initial blood test showed some immature white cells and a slightly raised count, so now we wait for 48 hours to see if anything shows up on the blood culture. In the meantime, little Bryn is lovin on some antibiotics just in case! She also decided she IS in fact Grampa Greg’s girl, and went back on the CPAP machine to help with her spells. This time she even got the cool martian mask, just like Grampa Greg! Add the NICU Ray-Bans back in, and girlfriend is lookin HOT!

It was pretty amazing to watch the 7ft tall respiratory therapist with the Shaq hands expertly weave all the little tubes into her isolette and attach them to her tiny little pink CPAP mask (and yes, I did ask if they had a non-pink color mask–it’s already a stretch for me to see them laying on pink blankets–that’s gonna change soon).

In an appropriate protest to her new get-up, Bryn promptly dropped her first deuce. “Take THAT, suckas!” Girl, I like your style.

Nora was not about to take part in these antics, and went about her day with her milk feedings (now increased to 1 tsp 5x a day!) and even took an hour and a half nap out of her isolette with mama.

So it was a “classic NICU” day (we’ve been told) of one step forward, 2 steps back for our little Bryn.  She’s a little fighter, though. She’ll bounce back. Stay tuned (and say a prayer).


Sara & Nick