Let me first state that I (Nick) am writing this. Didn’t want to confuse people by my next statements.  I love kids; however I have never particularly liked babies. I’m sorry to all of you whom I have faked out at baby showers, parties, drop-ins at work, etc.  I’ve just never felt comfortable with them.  First, I feel like I could break them just by breathing.  Second, they don’t talk to you. They cry while you are holding them, and you are left thinking, “What the hell, I’m trying to be nice to you, and all I get is this?”  After these moments I generally need to have the uncomfortable conversation with the parents, “Here, take this screaming thing away from me.”  That’s standard protocol right?  Third, you can’t hold a conversation or do anything active with them. Guys, you know what I’m saying. You cannot play catch with them, wrestle or even throw them up in the air and catch them. You can ask them how they are doing, but you know they won’t respond and then you’re just left feeling kind of stupid.

I can write this, because I am now on the other side and understand what happens to people when they have kids. I get why people ask babies questions, why they talk with a squeaky voice, why they long to hold them. Which by the way, even my less than two pound babies are incredibly strong. I can pick them up, turn them over, etc. No, I can’t throw them up in the air… yet. But I digress. The reason why people do this stuff, especially parents, is because of this incredible amount of love. It’s a little cliche, but absolutely true. I would risk my life in a second for Sara, Nora and Bryn. I thought I couldn’t love any more than when I married Sara. I was wrong. My love continues to grow for the amazing woman that I married and then only multiplied by what feels like a million times when Nora and Bryn were born. I now find myself yearning to hold these two girls.  Minutes turn into hours. I forget about eating, which is one of my favorite things to do. I find myself talking to them with that squeaky voice (normally when I am alone and out of earshot from the nurses). I’m becoming more comfortable with this but it’s still a little weird to me. I ask them questions, because I want to build a relationship with them more than anything. I am dad. I am Papa Bear! These are my girls and nobody will love them more than Sara and me. Guys, you don’t need to hold my kids unless I need a break. At that point, just deal with the crying and the poopy diapers. Understand that you will probably be doing me a huge favor.

Here is a picture of me with Bryn. When I saw this shirt, I immediately thought of Pete Foltz. He’s obsessed with superpowers and when he asks me what my super power would be I always say flying. This makes Pete want to slap me in the face. “How could you NOT say teleportation?!” Eat your heart out, Pete. I got a better superpower now.

Please keep your prayers coming!  We’ve had a lot of people praying for us and this pregnancy for a long time and I know with 100% certainty that Nora and Bryn wouldn’t be doing as well as they are without your prayers. God is good.