While Facebook can be great for spreading news, we’re also aware not everyone wants a bunch of baby pics  invading their news feed daily. Children’s Hospital has encouraged us to set up a CaringBridge site (and they actually have a department dedicated solely to helping parents do this–crazy!), but our experience with CaringBridge has always been kind of sad and it makes us think of sick people. Nora and Bryn are tiny, and will be in the NICU for a couple more months, but they are healthy and thriving, so we’ve chosen to document their overachieving leaps via a blog instead (I also don’t envision myself being able to keep up with “baby books” so maybe we can just print this sucker out when all is said and done and the girls won’t hate us when they’re 18).

So, if you are interested in following the “minutiae of our miniatures,” you can subscribe to this bad boy, and we’ll leave your newsfeed clear for other quality stuff about politics, chick-fil-a, those e-cards that are all the rage now, and photos of me sleeping on planes.


Sara (& Nick…but I think it’s clear who actually wrote this one =)